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Speed Record – Getting Places Quickly

Speed Record - Getting Places Quickly

What is it about speed that we admire as much as we do? We flock in hoards to the tracks around the world. We want to witness some of the best race drivers in the world compete. It almost doesn’t matter the type of speed and driving we see. We’re willing to be amazed by a drag race that takes only a few seconds. We are also thrilled by a race that covers several miles and lasts a full 24 hours. The adrenaline rush and admiration we have for the vehicles and the drivers that we see at these tracks are nearly cultish.

Because of the love we have for speed, and a continuous desire to be the fastest model every driven, the land speed record is something that one team has work for, achieved, and continues to try and beat. The current land speed record is 760.035 mph which was achieved by the Thrust SSC in 1997. This record has stood for 20 years already. This is because there just aren’t many cars that can reach this speed. They also don’t offer us the drive that can allow us to cover this amount of ground in this amazing speed.

Making the Run for Speed

Can imagine racing across the salt flats at this incredible speed only to break the sound barrier? What about causing a sonic boom? Can you also think of the challenges the driver faced? The goal is to keep the car as straight and flat as possible. That’s not always the easiest thing to do. Especially when you’re in the seat of a car that’ has the power to make this run. Keep in mind that it is also shaped like a rocket that’s been turned on its side. This is to offer you the fun and glory of the drive.

Behind the wheel of this car in 1997 was professional driver Andy Green who gives us an explanation of how this run went in the video linked below. The staggered setup of the tires for the Thrust SSC caused Andy to need to adjust the steering. This is while he trying to stay straight. Once the car reached over 650 mph he had to input up to 90 degrees of steering angle to keep the car in a straight line and even had to lift off the throttle to give the car the corrections needed to keep it from going off the line needed to make this car reach the speeds desired.

This amazing run in the Thrust SSC also requires a multiple step process to slow down and stop the car. The idea was to do this without damaging the hot engines that were on either side of the cockpit of this car. The hope is that the Bloodhound SSC team will be able to shatter the record and reach a run of 1000 mph in 2018, but no specific dates or locations have been announced for this run. Most likely, Andy Green will once again be behind the wheel when this car tries to be the first one to break four digits worth of speed.


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