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Which Kindle Do I Want to Buy for My Reading Pleasure?

Which Kindle Do I Want to Buy for My Reading Pleasure?

Choose a Kindle from Amazon and know that you can have the enjoyment of reading an unending list of books while using this digital device.

Even though book sales say that reading is no longer a popular hobby, avid bibliophiles would beg to differ. Some people still enjoy a well-written thriller or a soaring romance novel just as much as they would enjoy a series on Netflix or a movie in the theater. For many people, the time spent reading allows them the time to spend with themselves, absorbing the words of another and being transported into a different world. For readers, there is nothing quite like a good book to help to forget a rough week at work or a long night with the kids.

The Kindle is Better than a Book

When it comes to the e-reader versus printed book argument, there may never be a resolution. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some people like the feel, look, and smell of a paperback or hardcover novel while others like the simplistic convenience of an e-reader. There are advantages to each option, but the fact of the matter is that people are still reading books. When it comes to e-readers, there are two solid options; the Nook from Barnes and Noble or the Kindle from Amazon. With the Kindle, readers have several options from which to choose, but which one is up to them.

The Kindle Roster

1. Kindle

This is the traditional model, a perfected model of Amazon’s first generation of e-readers that hit the scene ten years ago. It’s the most affordable at under $50 and it’s perfect for your basic reading needs. It comes in black or white and unlike reading from a tablet or an iPad, there’s no glare. With a six-inch display, it’s smaller and lighter than most books you can get your hands on and the battery charge will last for weeks, also unlike a tablet.

2. Kindle Paperwhite

This model of the Kindle is also available in black or white, but the resolution is a great deal better with twice the pixels than the original model. The biggest difference between this Kindle and the lower priced original model is the lighted display. Unlike a tablet that is backlit, this pulls light to the surface so it doesn’t strain your eyes in the same way that reading on your iPad would. You can change your font size if the print is too small for you with or without your glasses and with millions of titles available you can read whatever you want for under $120.

3. Kindle Voyage

This is one of the newer offers from the Kindle store and Amazon claims it is made for readers. It’s got six LED lights in comparison to the Paperwhite’s four, but it also comes with an adaptive light sensor. This sensor will adjust the brightness of your Kindle to your surroundings, thus creating a reading experience that is much less stressful to your eyes. It is also the first Kindle to feature PagePress which allows the reader to turn the page without lifting a finger. The Kindle made for readers will cost you just under $200.

4. Kindle Oasis

If you’ve ever accidentally dunked a book in the bathtub or in the pool, then the Oasis is the Kindle you want. It’s waterproof up to two meters for up to sixty minutes in fresh water. It’s available in double and quadruple the size of any other Kindle, in both 8 and 32GB sizes and has 12 LEDs and the Voyage’s adaptive light sensor. It’s got a seven inch display and offers the same glare free screen as all the other Kindle family members. Read for weeks for under $250.

When a reader wanted to travel for the holidays back in the day, we had to make sure our book was going to last the whole trip or that we carried enough with us to sustain our habit. This usually amounted to a lot more luggage and heavier bags. The e-reader movement made reading on the road a lot easier and a lot more convenient. Amazon has perfected their introductory e-reader and they keep coming up with newer and better options. For the price of 20 hardcover books, you could have your hands on the top of the line Kindle and have endless reading possibilities.

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