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5 Top Travel Trends in 2019

5 Top Travel Trends in 2019

The way we travel is fast evolving with tourists seeking new, unique and meaningful experiences rather than just sightseeing and traditional resort-style package tours. Sipping cocktails by the pool is great, but travelers also want to explore and immerse themselves in the natural beauty, local culture, and history of a destination. And millennials especially, are looking for those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ adventures they can share with others. Overtourism is also an issue in some of the world’s hotspots –and it’s expected this year people will avoid crowded, overly popular areas. That said here are the top 5 travel trends in 2019.

Ecological and Educational Tours

Ecological tours offer rare, environmentally conscious experiences that educate and inform, from African safaris to the rain forests of Costa Rica. These trips are designed to inspire an appreciation for nature, a respect for diverse cultures and to benefit local, indigenous populations and communities.

Adventure Holidays

From rock climbing in Morocco to kayaking in Indonesia –the sky really is the limit when it comes to adventure travel, with tours catering to every type of adrenaline junkie. Love extreme sports? How about trying out bungee jumping in New Zealand, or hurl at 100mph down the world’s fastest zip line in Wales? You can swim with killer whales in Norway, sign up for Arctic sailing trips, and even test out your survival skills as a castaway on a tropical desert island in French Polynesia!

Solo travel

Traveling alone is gaining popularity, especially among women and millennials. People enjoy trips where they can do their own thing, goat their own pace, and have nobody to answer to. And when you journey alone you’re more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Nowadays, women have more means and fewer obligations and are basking in their newfound freedom, taking advantage of the numerous trips and tours that cater to the single traveler.

Foodie Tours

Thanks to cooking shows and social media, especially Instagram, foodie tours are becoming increasingly popular. We all love to eat and drink –it’s a social and emotional experience, and there is a myriad of tasty tours available to whet anyone’s appetite, from Vermont to Vietnam.

Volunteer Travel

Make a difference while you see the world -you can now travel abroad, explore new countries and cultures, and give back to communities in need through volunteer travel opportunities. There are various tours available for teens and adults, students, retirees, professionals –practically anyone can take advantage of these enlightening and meaningful trips. You can work with groups protecting endangered species, children’s education or building projects. And in your free time, explore the culture, scenery, sample the local cuisine and meet new people.

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