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Four Things You Have to do in Chicago

Four Things You Have to do in Chicago

Chicago can seem overwhelming at first, especially for new visitors, experience the best parts of one of the most famous cities in the world.

The Windy City has long been one of the top tourist destinations in the United States, with its skyscrapers, its location right on Lake Michigan, and its famous deep-dish pizza.

1.)River Boat Tour

The Chicago River winds through the city and eventually connects to Lake Michigan, and is also known for being dyed green on St. Patrick’s Day. There are over a dozen companies in Chicago that offer tours of the river. A tour of the river is especially good for newcomers who want to get to know the city but just as enjoyable for those who have visited Chicago many times.

River tours happen dozens of times a day and last from an hour to an hour and a half, taking riders on a peaceful tour under several famous bridges, past the Sears’ Tower, Aqua, the world’s tallest female-designed skyscraper, and countless other skyscrapers and significant historical sites of Chicago.

Many river tours also move just beyond the city into Lake Michigan to allow riders to turn around and see the city from a different point of view. Making a river tour one of your fist activities helps make you knowledgeable about the city and enhances the rest of your trip.

2.)Visit Navy Pier

Navy Pier is another well-known site of Chicago and is said to be Chicago’s number one tourist attraction. The pier is thousands of feet long, extends into Lake Michigan, and offers more water cruises and activities.

Navy Pier also has many different rides and activities to enjoy, such as the Ferris Wheel, a large swing ride, art exhibits, museums, botanical gardens, theaters, and a carousel. Inside the large glass building at the pier, there are several places to eat, as well.

Navy Pier has tons of activities, for all ages, and should definitely be paid a visit on a trip to Chicago.

3.)Treat Yourself to Chicago Cuisine

Chicago is extremely well-known for its food. With donuts, deep-dish pizza, and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, Chicago is heaven for foodies. There are dozens of places to try the pizza at in Chicago, such as Giordano’s and Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co., which also have lots of appetizer options that make the dinner or lunch one to remember.

One of the most famous places in Chicago to have breakfast, on the other hand, is the Wildberry Café, with famous, creative sweet and savory options. Donuts are also a popular breakfast treat, and places like Do-Rite Donuts and the Donut Vault are two of Chicago’s best donut shops. When it comes to dessert, Chicago has a surplus of places, including the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, which is right on the river and sells the original chocolate squares and delectable desserts.

And if you really want to be a kid in a candy store, pay a visit to Dylan’s Candy Bar, with chocolate, gummies, and all kinds of candy galore. There are dozens of types of food and dozens of places to eat in Chicago for all kinds of people.

4.)Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

One of Chicago’s most famous museums if the Museum of Science and Industry, which is just outside of downtown Chicago. The museum is great for kids and adults alike, with lots of different kinds of trains and airplanes, model and reality, and also has the U-505 submarine, which is the only German submarine in the United States.

One of the most popular exhibits in the museum, especially for kids, but also for adults, is the genetics exhibit, where chicken eggs are kept in an incubator and baby chicks can hatch, and another popular exhibit is Yesterday’s Main Street. There are many exhibits that use science and mathematics to give off the impression of magic, such as the Mirror Maze and the exhibit where employees can guess your birthday based on a series of cards.

There is so much that deals with science, engineering, mathematics, and hands-on experiments, and it is one of the best places to visit when you are on a trip to Chicago.

No matter where you choose to go on your trip to the Windy City, it is sure to be a memorable trip to one of the most amazing cities in the world.

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