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Which New TV Shows Will You Be Watching?

Which New TV Shows Will You Be Watching?

Maybe calling the series we see and enjoy today TV shows is a bit of a stretch, but they are entertainment series.

With the vast number of streaming services offered today, we do more watching and binging than we ever could before. Gone are the days when you had to wait a week for a new episode of a show, but not entirely. If you’re watching a show that’s only updated once a week, you still have to wait for it, but enough of that digression.

New Shows You Can Enjoy in 2021

Cobra Kai Offers Classic Karate Flavor

The third season of Cobra Kai will air on Netflix this year and give you more of the fun you’ve enjoyed. This is one of the new TV shows you may want to enjoy and it’s a spin-off of the successful Karate Kid series of movies. If you missed out on the first two seasons, you have a chance to catch up and then continue watching into the newest season.

Enjoy The Watch on BBC America

If you enjoy police shows and want one with a bit of an unbelievable twist, you’ll want to sink your teeth into The Watch. This show has a magical twist to it to give you some of the fun and entertainment when police procedures meet with the fantasy of a magical environment. Get ready for some fun in this new show.

The Hilarity of Mr. Mayor is Hard to Beat

Ted Danson is back in a show that seems to be unbelievable. He plays the mayor of Los Angeles in a way that shows you just how unqualified and out of touch he is with the reality of the world around him. You’ll laugh and cry during a show that takes Danson into some strange and sticky situations that he had to figure out his way through.

Enjoy Dickinson on Apple TV+

If you’ve got a subscription to Apple TV+you can take a look at Dickinson and have the sensibility of Emily Dickinson put into modern times. For 2021, this show will be in its second season, which means you can go back and watch the first season to catch up if you missed it. Admire the way this show is brought to you and let Dickinson into your home.

HBO Max Features Season 4 of Search Party

Another show that could be fun to binge for a weekend or two and catch up with its current spot is Search Party. This HBO Max show is fun and mysterious, giving you some twisters and cliffhangers that will keep you guessing at what’s going on. Get comfortable and go on a wild ride with the cast of Search Party.

If You Love Avengers, You’ll Love WandaVision

Disney+ features a series featuring the Scarlet Witch and Vision from the Avengers to give you a story of this pair that may seem extremely odd and fun to watch at the same time. Give this show a look and see if it’s one that will keep your love for the Marvel stories going as these two characters deal with the predicaments of the show.

Resident Alien Could be Your SyFy Adventure

If you’ve been a fan of the various shows and series on the SyFy channel, now is the time to take a look at Resident Alien. This show features an extraterrestrial being who crash-lands on Earth while waiting to be rescued by his race. Follow along and enjoy the latest show that could fit into your showing enjoyment every week.

Set Things Right with The Equalizer

After you’ve seen the Super Bowl, enjoy the latest crime series on CBS. The Equalizer will air right after the big game and it features a setting in the ’80 that’s a bit of an offshoot from Training Day while featuring some of the stars that you can enjoy and admire during the show. This could become your favorite of the Sunday TV shows and be the newest police drama for you to enjoy in 2021.

Better Call Saul is Back

The offshoot of the Breaking Bad series enters its sixth season on AMC and continues to be one of the most interesting dramas that you can enjoy. This show serves as a prequel to the storied show as we watch Jimmy become Saul Goodman and see how Saul grows his rather shady practice of skirting the law the way that only he seems to know how to.

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