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Which Teams are at the Top of the MLB?

Which Teams are at the Top of the MLB?

The top of the MLB is represented with teams that have spent all year building up their record in an effort to make a strong move to the end.

Most of the teams in the top eight on this list have been named for several weeks and have solidified their positions on the list. Other teams are either dropping fast or on the rise as they try to make a run for the playoffs.

The San Francisco Giants are In the Lead; Again

For several weeks the first name on this list has been the San Francisco Giants, and that’s once again the case. This team has the best record in the league right now at 67-39, and they continue to build on this record. They did face a tough week last week with games against the Dodgers and Astros but came away as the team in the lead.

We See the Houston Astros in Second; Still

That’s right, the Astros have been in the second spot for a couple of weeks and they remain there with a 64-42 record. This is one of the teams at the top of the MLB and will likely be one of the strongest teams down the stretch. As much as most MLB fans would hate to see the Astros go deep in the playoffs, the drama will certainly be good for baseball as a whole.

The Tampa Bay Rays Move to Third

The Rays moved up one spot from fourth to third over the past week and have taken over the AL East lead after a three-game weekend sweep of the Red Sox. Their record of 64-43 is one that could help them make it to the postseason with a deep run toward the World Series. Unfortunately, their pitching staff took a blow last week with their ace going down to Tommy John surgery.

Dropping to Fourth is the Los Angeles Dodgers

You would think a 64-43 record would be good enough to lead the NL West, but that puts the Dodgers 3 ½ games out of first in the division and fourth on this list. This is one of the teams at the top of the MLB, and they are expected to defend their title. The Dodgers made some good moves at the trade deadline that just might vault them to the lead in their division.

The Boston Red Sox Remain in Fifth

The Red Sox aren’t out of contention for anything yet but losing four straight games caused them to lose their stranglehold on first place in the AL East. The Red Sox have a record of 63-44, which is leading the Wild Card Race. If Boston wants to be in the playoffs, they are going to have to avoid those four-game losing streaks.

We See the Chicago White Sox in Sixth; Again

Both colors of Sox on this list stayed in the spot they were in last week. The White Sox are 8 ½ games ahead of the rest of the AL Central division right now. The record of 62-44 shows you this is one of the teams at the top of the MLB, but they haven’t won consecutive games in a couple of weeks. Even so, expect the White Sox to be in the playoffs.

The Seventh Spot Belongs to the Milwaukee Brewers

Last week, the Brewers were in the eighth spot, but they moved up one position to climb into seventh over the past week after winning six of their last seven games. This team has a record of 64-43 and looks to be one of the best teams you’ll see. They certainly should finish at the top of the NL Central when it’s time for the postseason.

Falling to Eighth, We See the San Diego Padres

The Padres, who have been tough all year, could be in trouble. Although they have a 61-47 record and are one of the teams at the top of the MLB, they lost their best player last week to a season-ending shoulder injury. Will the Padres solidify the second of the Wild Card spots, or will another team step up and take that role?

The Rest of the List

9. Oakland Athletics 60-47

10. New York Yankees 56-49

11. Toronto Blue Jays 54-49

12. Cincinnati Reds 56-50

13. New York Mets 55-50

14. Seattle Mariners 57-50

15. Philadelphia Phillies 53-53

16. Cleveland Indians 52-51

17. St. Louis Cardinals 53-52

18. Atlanta Braves 52-54

19. Los Angeles Angels 52-54

20. Detroit Tigers 51-57

21. Chicago Cubs 51-56

22. Washington Nationals 49-57

23. Colorado Rockies 46-60

24. Kansas City Royals 45-59

25. Miami Marlins 45-61

26. Minnesota Twins 44-62

27. Pittsburgh Pirates 40-66

28. Baltimore Orioles 38-67

29. Texas Rangers 39-67

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 33-74

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