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Used Toyotas Are An Excellent Idea

Used Toyotas Are An Excellent Idea

Sometimes when you’re looking for a new car, the idea of buying a brand new model doesn’t work out. Maybe the starting price is too high or it doesn’t allow you to get the options you really want. Or, maybe you just want a lower payment. Not all used cars are made equal, but here’s why buying used Toyotas is an excellent idea.

Strong Reliability in Used Toyotas

It’s not really a secret that Toyota vehicles are among the longest-lasting on the road. In fact, 80% of all Toyota vehicles bought in the last 20 years are still on the road. Resale value for most Toyota vehicles is much higher than most rivals. The Toyota brand consistently ranks among the most reliable auto brands year after year. Maintenance and repair costs of Toyota vehicles are also lower than many other brands and lower than the industry average. Buying a used Toyota comes with peace of mind that you’ve bought something that will last a long time.

You Might Still Get a Warranty

A new Toyota vehicle offers a three-year or 36,000-mile comprehensive warranty. They also have a 60-month or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. If you’re shopping for a used Toyota vehicle that is only a few years old, it’s very possible that you’ll have some of the factory warranty left to give you even more peace of mind.

Dependable Innovation in Used Toyotas

Toyota innovation is competitive with other auto brands, but one of the Toyota differences is that they tend not to release cutting-edge technology until it’s been thoroughly tested for dependability. A good example is the Toyota Prius. This car is the most recognizable brand in hybrid and electric vehicles, despite the fact that it now has a ton of rivals. Toyota became known for dependable innovation with the Prius, and even now, many car buyers put the Prius at the top of their list when shopping for EV brands.

More Options to Save Money

Toyota vehicles bring you dependability, resale equity, and potentially even leftover factory warranty. How else can buying Toyota used cars save you money? The easiest way is that you can get the options that you really want rather than having to bypass them to save money on new models. When you choose models that are a few years older than the current model, you can potentially move up to higher trims or spring for option packages that would otherwise be out of reach. For truck buyers, that slightly older model might get you the 4WD trim you’ve always wanted.

Not all used vehicles can save you money on every aspect of buying a car. Many people buy new because they want a hassle-free vehicle, but a Toyota vehicle has a proven history of hassle-free reliability to keep you on the road longer and for less money.


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