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10 Essentials For Your Summer Road Trip


Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning an incredible road trip. Whether you want to hit a few state capitals, roam the federal park system, or just get out on the road, there’s no better time to hit the pavement than when the sun is shining.

To best prepare for your upcoming adventure, here is a list of ten essentials that you need for your summer road trip.

1. The Right Ride

When it comes to racking up miles on the road, having the right vehicle is essential. While longer trips with a small crew might enjoy something like a fuel-efficient used Chevrolet Volt or Spark, these tiny vehicles bring certain space limitations to them. That’s why we recommend renting a used Chevrolet Suburban. As the largest SUV in the used Chevrolet lineup, the Suburban offers plenty of space for your passengers and gear. This beast can also take you off the paved road into the dirt, act as a mobile nap station, and even tow a camper or trailer along.

2. Ways To Pay

While most of the world accepts things like credit cards or Apple Pay, there are still plenty of places where cash is king. Just imagine passing the most amazing roadside stand with freshly baked goodies and not getting to partake because you don’t have any folding money. Bring some cash, but also make sure you have plenty of alternative payment methods just in case.

3. Protection From The Sun

If you’re cruising with the windows down, hiking through the open wilderness, or just relaxing at the beach, you need protection from the sun. Bring plenty of sunscreen to make sure your road trip isn’t spent in pain. Don’t forget those sunglasses either.

4. Keep Fit

It’s tempting to spend your time in your used Chevrolet Suburban eating gas station junk food. While one of the perks of a great road trip involves lots of preservatives, make sure to bring some healthy snacks along for the ride. Keeping up your energy and health will only make the trip that much more fun.

5. Roadside Emergency Kit

The last thing you want to worry about is a flat tire or dead battery while exploring the open road. A basic roadside kit won’t set you back too much but will be worth every penny if it’s needed. This might also be a time to re-up your AAA account, just to be safe.

6. Charging Cables

There’s no question that your phone will get lots of use while out and about. Make sure you bring a couple of charging cables and bricks that work in the car, at restaurants, in hotels, and so on. It’s even worth investing in an extra battery pack in case you’re away from electricity for a while. You don’t only need your phone to take pictures, but you want some kind of lifeline if something happens.

7. Cleanliness is Key

Nothing ruins a road trip faster than someone getting sick. That’s why you want to keep some hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes ready at all times. Keep your hands and gear clean, and you might just avoid picking up a travel cold.

8. The Right Clothes

Think about the kinds of places you’re going to visit and pack accordingly. The best option is to prepare things that can be worn in layers. This makes it easy to go from warm to cold in an instant. That also helps keep your bags light. Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit, just in case there’s water in your future.

9. Toiletries

Sure, you can probably buy all of your toiletries and medications while on the road, but you can also save some money and potential awkwardness by planning ahead. Make sure you have all of your prescription medications just in case their difficult to get while away from home. Otherwise, pack your daily essentials like toothpaste, a toothbrush, shower gel, a razor, a hairbrush, and other sanitary items as needed.

10. An Open Mind

It might make sense to plan every minute of every day to get the most out of your road trip, but make sure you leave some room for veering off-book. You never know what you’re going to find while traveling. Maybe you’ll want to stop and see the world’s largest ball of twine, try a local delicacy, experience a community festival, or just hang out with new friends. Give yourself to enjoy the freedom of being free; you deserve it.

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