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What Amanda Carrington’s Arrival Means for Dynasty

What Amanda Carrington’s Arrival Means for Dynasty

Filled with drama, scandal, and secrets, Dynasty recently introduced the new character of Amanda Carrington in the season four episode “The British Are Coming.”

As implied by the title, a British woman by the name of Amanda touched down in Atlanta, looking for her biological mother- Alexis Carrington-Colby. After Alexis, who used to be married to the patriarch of the wealthy Carrington family, Blake, had an affair and discovered she was pregnant, she decided to give Amanda up for adoption in Europe. Now that Amanda is back, her presence will shake things up for the members of the Carrington family.

Drama Between Blake and Alexis

Although Blake and Alexis have been divorced and estranged for many years, and Alexis even married one of Blake’s biggest rivals, Jeff Colby, they are still in constant communication. So it only makes sense that when Amanda came back into their lives, their bitter drama continued. Blake quickly determined that Amanda was actually his biological daughter, and offered her a job working for his airline. This move only caused more tension between Alexis, who wanted Blake to stay away from Amanda, and Blake, who wanted to get to know his daughter. Amanda’s arrival, as well as her genetics and her professional career, promises to continue the drama between Blake and Alexis.

Fallon and Amanda: A Friendship

Fallon Carrington is naturally suspicious of change, and of anything out of her control. So when a long-lost sister came crashing into her life, it was Fallon’s first instinct to find out everything she could about Amanda. This investigation, along with Fallon’s accusations of her sister, caused tension between the two at first, but slowly, they began to warm up to each other. Fallon and Amanda forged a bond in “Everything Looks Wonderful, Joseph,” talking over their different approaches to their work lives, and a sneak peek of the season finale shows the sisters working together to take down Fallon’s assistant, Eva. Hopefully, the two will continue their newfound relationship.

Adam and Amanda: A Rivalry

Sibling rivalries are common on Dynasty- Adam and Fallon, Adam and Steven, and even Blake and his half-sister, Dominique, always seem to be at each other’s throats. Amanda’s arrival threw her almost immediately into her siblings’ complicated lives, and while her relationship with her sister mellowed, the same can’t be said about her and Adam’s. After working briefly at Blake’s airline, Amanda took her career into her own hands, and joined the legal team at a hospital, one that Adam happens to work at, and one in which the Carringtons are heavily involved. With just a few days’ experience, Amanda was already making waves in her brother’s carefully curated plans, finding issues in his medical trials and financial concerns with his research. With tension still between Adam and Amanda, their rivalry is sure to be far from over.

Further Development in Season Five

Since she only appears in the latter half of season four, Amanda hasn’t had a whole lot of time to settle into Atlanta and gain her footing. She’s still trying to figure out where she wants to work, and how her relationships with her new family members will work. In season five, Amanda is being upgraded from her current position as a recurring character, to a series regular, implying that she will be involved in even more of the Carringtons’ drama. We know very little about Amanda’s past, and about her time growing up in Europe, so it is likely that her character will see a lot more development in season five.

Amanda Carrington is ready to make her mark on the Carrington dynasty. Tune in this week to see her in Dynasty’s season finale!

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