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How Can You Make the Holiday Season More Fun for Your Family?

How Can You Make the Holiday Season More Fun for Your Family?

Do you have some special holiday traditions you want to pass down to your kids? Are you looking for ways to make this holiday season more memorable?

Think back to your youth and the holiday time. What are some of your favorite memories of this time of year? Some might say it’s baking cookies with grandma, some will say it’s trimming the tree, and others might look back at touring neighborhoods to see all of the holiday lights on display. Regardless of your favorite memories, your parents helped shape the experiences you loved. Now, it’s your turn to do the same for your family.
Check out these ten ideas to make your holiday season more fun and memorable.

1. Decorate Holiday Cookies Together

No matter how you celebrate this season, you can make some cookies in your favorite holiday shapes and decorate them with icing, sprinkles, or candies. This is an amazing bonding experience with your kids and a wonderful way to enjoy a sweet treat while making something wonderful that can be shared with others. What cookies will you make together?

2. Let Kids Do Some of the Holiday Shopping

With just a few dollars at the local Dollar Tree, your kids can feel like part of the holiday shopping action by picking out some fun gifts for family members. This could be a tradition everyone enjoys, especially those that receive these fun gifts and get to see the look on the faces of your children when they proudly present them with a gift they shopped for and wrapped themselves. This is a wonderful way to give your children some special memories this holiday season.

3. Create a Holiday Card Display Together

Do you have a special place for holiday cards to hang in your home? If not, you can create one together with your children. With a few items from the store, you could use a branch and some garland with pinecones to have a place where the cards will hang during the season. Add a few clips to the garland to be the place where your cards hang. This is something you can bring out and use every year, which will become a wonderful memory for your children.

4. Making Gingerbread Houses is a Classic Holiday Activity

One of the best holiday season activities is making gingerbread houses. This is something that can be fun, creative, and somewhat tasty. If you’re a little artistic, you can show off your skills with some wonderfully creative ideas while building a house made of gingerbread cookies. Even the sloppiest house can be fun and could be turned into a demolition scene while being eaten. Let your kids show off their creative side while making some wonderful holiday memories together.

5. Enjoy a Holiday Light Tour

Many people put up colored and beautiful lights during this season to show their holiday spirit to the world. Whether you visit an event with professionally-done holiday lights or you do a tour of the neighborhoods in your area for some holiday light fun, you’ll have a great time and make memories during this tour. Some families have a tradition of taking hot cocoa with them to drink while driving slowly around, admiring the various lights that show off the seasonal spirit.

6. Give Back to the Community Together

If you’re fortunate enough to have more than you need during the holiday season, this can be a good time to give back and show your kids how to care for others. You can ask your kids to pick out a toy that will go to a local toy drive, let them shop with you for a second holiday dinner menu that you’ll donate to one of the food banks in the area, or collect clothes and canned goods that can be dropped off at the many locations around town.

7. Work Together to Decorate an Elderly Neighbor’s Home

Do you have neighbors that used to decorate for the holidays but have gotten older and are unable to do this now? You can offer to decorate their home for them with some of your own lights or the lights they have stored away that haven’t been used for a while. This is a wonderful activity to do with your kids and something they will remember for a long time. This is a great way to make a new friend or solidify old bonds with your neighbors, who will be extremely grateful for the gift of holiday decorations.

8. Let Your Kids Decorate Some Part of Your Home with Lights

Some people are very fussy about how their houses are decorated during the holiday season. Even if you are one of these people, you could offer a section of the house where the kids can use the step stools, some command hooks, lights, and garland to decorate the area using their imagination. Let them proudly show what they can do and make memories at the same time. Let that be an area where they take the lead, and you only help them bring their vision to life.

9. Making Pinecone Bird Feeders is Easy and Fun

Even if you live in colder climates, there are some birds that hang around all year long, and these birds often go looking for food. Buy a bag of birdseed at the store and encourage your kids to make some pinecone bird feeders. This is such a simple activity that they might pass it down to their kids as part of future holiday season traditions. All it takes is a pinecone, some seed, and peanut butter to get the feeder done.

10. Make Some Homemade Ornaments or Decorations

If you put up a Christmas tree, making handmade ornaments together is a lot of fun and pretty easy. If you store them well, these ornaments can last for many years. If you don’t put up a tree, other holiday decorations can be made by hand, and this will be a memorable activity for you and your kids. If you start this when they are young, put their name and year on the ornament or decoration so you can show it to their future spouse or to their kids when they have them.

These are just ten ideas to make this holiday season more fun; what will you do with your kids to create memories and enjoy the wonderment of the season?

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