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Top Free Things to do in Detroit MI

Top Free Things to do in Detroit

If you’ve been searching for the top free things to do in Detroit, look no further. You don’t have to spend a penny if you want to enjoy the day or night out in Detroit, Michigan unless you’re a foodie. Here, we break down the top three things you must-do while you’re visiting Motor City.

Explore the Renaissance Center

Aptly also known as the GMRENCEN (GM Renaissance Center), The Renaissance Center is located in downtown Detroit and is your one-stop shop for entertainment. If you’re staying in Detroit for a while, you can book a room on site and have all the shops and restaurants at your fingertips. For day trips, you’ll love spending some time in the shops and definitely should check out the GM Company store. You can relax in the all-glass atrium food court and enjoy the view of the riverfront. And don’t forget to enjoy the free, annual Chevrolet Rockin’ on the Riverfront Summer Concert Series.

Enjoy GreekTown

Let the night take you away when you and your friends head down to GreekTown. Your first stop will be at Pegasus Taverna, where you’ll enjoy a savory dinner of gyros, then you’ll find yourself at the GreekTown Hotel & Casino. If you’re not feelin’ lucky, you can play spectator as others try their hand at roulette or the slot machines. The infectious energy will put a smile on your face and have you feeling alive.

Bike Around the City

Who said anything about walking everywhere? Grab your bike and some friends and start pedaling. You’ll find yourself pulled in all directions unsure of your next destination. There’s Midtown that is brimming with renovation and lively bars and shops. You’ll appreciate the historic scene and culture where a breath of fresh air has been breathed back into the city. Make sure to bike near the riverfront and stop by the GENRENCEN while you’re over there.

Detroit Welcomes You

Motor City is revitalized, revamped and full of new sites to be seen and explored. Travel has never been easier now that we have a plethora of online resources available. Plan a trip with your family or friends, walk those recommended 10,000 steps and wave to Canada over the water. Never underestimate the power of being a tourist in your own city, if you’re a Detroit native!

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