Tesla Talk – A Hiccup of Success at Tesla

Tesla Talk - A Hiccup of Success at Tesla

As Tesla works to try and ramp up their production levels to the point of being able to reach 500,000 units per year in the next couple of years, we have a front row seat to see how this team is going to accomplish this goal and work toward becoming a mass producer of their EV models. Not long ago, many of the employees of the company lost their jobs during the annual review time, which seemed like an untimely turnover when the company is working to ramp up production to the levels needed in order to create the numbers desired.

While that was certainly a blow to the company that was felt necessary by the leadership at Tesla, another blow has taken place but it’s one that comes from a level of success that was felt by one of the executives at Tesla. Even though Tesla needs to hold onto all of the talent and strength it can to eventually make its way to the 500,000 mark, there are going to be people who want to venture out on their own because they have the means and have experienced the success that allows them the ability to do so.


Who has left Tesla?

The person who most recently left Tesla is Jon Wagner. Wagner was the Director of Battery Engineering, which is an integral part of what we see and expect from the Tesla brand with three amazing EV models that are offered on the market for us to drive and experience on a daily basis. Wagner was the team leader for battery pack design engineering in all three models and has been part of Tesla since 2013 to be one of the leaders of the company that has been important in the development of all three models over the past four years.

Different from the executives that left Tesla several months ago, Wagner isn’t leaving on foul terms that we know of. Instead, he has decided to begin his own battery and powertrain company in California to branch out and go into business for himself. As a man who as an interim Director for battery manufacturing, body engineering, and computer-aided engineering, he has proven himself a value to the Tesla team and will certainly leave a huge gap in the leadership of the company that will need to be filled right away.

While the departure of Wager from Tesla is something that makes a huge difference for the company, Tesla is facing even more difficult troubles with the need to learn more about what it will take to ramp up production, especially for the Model 3. As this company learns more and heads into an area it hasn’t been in the past, hopefully they will be able to hang onto the rest of their leadership team in order to have the expertise and structure needed to get things done and reach the goals that have been set for the production of a car that has received over 400,000 preorders.


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