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About Me

Eva Rose

Hey, I'm a passionate blogger based in New York. This sis blog where I post my photos and tips about my life & ideas. I'm happy to share things!

Eva Rose

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Explaining the Sleep Cycle

May 25, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

Almost every person knows something about the sleep cycle. They may have read an article about it online, heard it mentioned on a TV program, or perhaps downloaded an app that helps them regulate their own sleep cycle. For many […]

Bullet Journaling vs. Traditional Journaling

January 4, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

How many teenage girls have started an angry sentence with the words ‘Dear Diary’? How cathartic was it to sit down and spill your guts to a traditional journal? Pretty incredible, wasn’t it? See, paper is patient. When comparing bullet […]

Make Your Mornings More Productive

April 17, 2019 Kevin 1 min read No Comments

Productivity in the Mornings People are usually early birds or night owls. If you’re someone who’s been wanting to make their mornings more productive, then there are a few, easy habits you can start now to help kickstart your mornings.

Top Colleges in Ohio

February 1, 2019 Mickey Underwood 1 min read No Comments

It’s time to start thinking about college. If you’re a native of Ohio or thinking of attending a college in Ohio, then it’s good to know you have many great schools to choose from and a mix of both public […]

Working From Home: The Reality

July 24, 2018 Kylie Whitcomb 1 min read No Comments

I have worked from home for a little over twelve years. When I tell people this, I get a variety of responses, but the general consensus is that it must be nice. I’m going to be honest, it is pretty […]

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