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About Me

Eva Rose

Hey, I'm a passionate blogger based in New York. This sis blog where I post my photos and tips about my life & ideas. I'm happy to share things!

Eva Rose

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Explaining the Sleep Cycle

May 25, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

Almost every person knows something about the sleep cycle. They may have read an article about it online, heard it mentioned on a TV program, or perhaps downloaded an app that helps them regulate their own sleep cycle. For many […]

What Goes Into Making a Vaccine?

May 5, 2020 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

As the days go by, it seems as if the coronavirus is spreading faster and faster, and people all over the world are wondering how to stop or at least slow the impact the virus has been having. Although most […]

Do Jellyfish Hold the Secret of Curing Cancer?

October 15, 2019 Julie Henne 1 min read No Comments

Jellyfish have fascinated people all over the world for centuries. They are known for their sting and potential danger, but their umbrella-shaped bodies are also recognized by most everyone, as is their beautiful and flowing tentacles. Some are smaller than […]

Do You Sit Too Much at Work?

May 28, 2018 Kylie Whitcomb 1 min read No Comments

It used to be the belief that you went to work, sat at your desk, put your head down, and did you work. That was the status quo. Everyone did it. Once the clock ticked over to quitting time, you […]