Nintendo – Big Switch Coming To The Console

Nintendo - Big Switch Coming To The Console

We’ve already gotten our answers about what is next for Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox. However, the people with kids and the nostalgic people want to know what’s up with Nintendo. Their last release was the Wii U around the same time as the PS4 and the Xbox One. Yet, Nintendo kept mum about their plans for the future, until March of 2017. It was then that Nintendo released their newest offering; the Switch.

Traditionally as funky as Nintendo likes to make their consoles, the Switch offers everything people expect and more. The two Joy-Con controllers can be attached to the sides of the device to make it a handheld game. They can also be detached completely to play as though one would play the Wii. Additionally, they can both be connected to a grip accessory for gamepad style play. The versatility of the Switch allows for multiple levels of play with all of the fan favorite games.

Switch It Up

One thing that Nintendo has always boasted that the others can’t offer is the amazingly fun all-age levels of play. Nintendo became famous for titles like The Legend of Zelda, MarioKart, and Super Mario Brothers. The Switch offers its own version of each of these. The popularity of Nintendo’s consoles relies heavily on bringing out the whimsical side of all of us. They never fail to deliver.

People love the ability to revert back to their cartoon watching, footsie pajamas wearing days of their childhood. Nintendo gives them the ability to do that. With their cleverly animated games that require actual problem-solving skills to get through it and beat the game, Nintendo develops skills in younger generations while entertaining the older ones. That’s the guarantee with one of their systems, and they keep their promise.

Versatile Playing Style with Nintendo

The Switch offers game playing versatility that has the ability to be taken on the go or used inside the house. They’ve managed to combine the portable playability of the DS system. They also added in the fun and movement-based play of the Wii all in one convenient device. Although they’ve always been known for creating pretty simplistic graphics, they changed all of that with the Wii U and the Switch promises even better.

It is for that reason that they haven’t been competitive in the same markets as Microsoft’s and Sony’s systems. They produce graphics that look lifelike, almost as though we are watching human beings act out bizarre zombie fighting or shooter graphic scenarios. Nintendo’s critics have always cited their graphic disabilities as the reason that Nintendo will never keep up, but what they don’t seem to understand is that part of the draw of their consoles is that they are simplistic and fun.

We spend too much time, these days, focusing on getting older and being responsible. What Nintendo allows us to do is to celebrate the little kid inside us all as we battle against our friends in Mario Kart or team up together to conquer the world of Zelda. Even though Nintendo may never be able to compete, they don’t seem to sweat it too much.


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