Remembering Soldiers This Time of Year

Remembering Soldiers This Time of Year

It’s a sad fact that we still have soldiers spread out all over the world. Sadder still is the holiday season they are not going to be home for.

There are hundreds of thousands of kids whose mommy and daddy won’t be home for Christmas because they’re busy defending our country or ensuring that another country’s freedoms are protected. Thanksgiving may not be as happy for those families this year, so we should be thinking about them during this time of year.

Forget the Deals; Remember the Soldiers

Rather than thinking about the best Black Friday steal you’re going to get at Target after dinner, think about what our brave soldiers must be feeling. They’re on foreign soil, away from their family members, and they’re not getting to enjoy the tried and true favorites of the season’s food. Send up a prayer for our soldiers on a regular basis and do whatever you can to help them get through the holidays with cheer. You may be wondering what you can do to brighten their day and it’s pretty simple!

Here’s What to Do

1.Send a Letter or a Card

There are organizations that send mail to soldiers during the holidays, so get on board with one of them and send out a letter. Let the soldier know that you’re thinking about them. Tell them about some of your traditions and ask about theirs. Thank them for their service and let them know that you’re praying for them as well. You may brighten someone’s day or you may make a friend for life. You never know what a handwritten letter or card can do for someone overseas.

2. Sponsor a Military Family

Sometimes military families have a hard time making ends meet over the holidays, whether it be for gifts or for big family meals. An organization called Soldier’s Angels has over five hundred families in need of help for the holiday season. Help them by signing up to help. If you can’t afford a huge donation on your own, team up with other family members or co-workers to help out.

3.Send a Care Package

There are many services in place to send care packages to the soldiers who aren’t getting anything overseas. It can be something as simple as some books or some goodies from the states. You could also get more in-depth by sending toiletries, entertainment items, or stationery supplies. Whatever you want to include in the boxes is up to you, but try to remember that perishable items may not make it through the mailing process as they take a while to arrive. Check with a chosen organization before sending certain items that may be considered against the rules.

4. Send a Tree

Through a service called the Christmas Spirit Foundation, you can make sure that a troop overseas isn’t without a Christmas tree. You can help by visiting a participating tree farm and helping them get the trees ready to ship and send over or you can simply send a donation to pay for a tree to send.

5.Miles/Room Points

If you’re a frequent traveler for business, you likely have a bunch of airline miles or hotel room points. Well, both can be donated to families who need to travel to visit their loved ones receiving hospital treatment. Giving up some of your miles can buy an airline ticket for a wife who hasn’t seen her husband in months and wants to be with him when he’s in need. If you’re not going to use them this year, why not brighten someone’s day by giving them away.

This time of year, we try to think about other people more and less about ourselves. We don’t always have an easy time of it, as we’re usually pretty focused on everything happening in our lives. Take this time to remember those who are willing to give their lives for yours.

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