Hacks for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

Hacks for Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

The last thing anyone wants to do is ride around in your gross and disgusting car. If you’re a serial trash chucker, then chances are that a lot of your friends complain anytime they have to get in your car. If you’re unsure if you’re this person, here are some ways to tell. If your friends always offer to drive anytime you say you’ll drive, you may be the guy. If you friend has to roll down the window a bit when she’s in your car, you’re definitely the messy one. Get it under control, before you lose your friends!

The whole messiness thing works for some people, but when you like to drive and expect people to ride in your vehicle, you need to get the mess under control a little bit. Here are some great tips and tricks to make it happen.

Ten Genius Ideas

Keep a Box in Your Backseat –Put a small box on the floorboard of your back seat and use it for any coffee cups or dishes that may accumulate from inside your home. At the end of the work week, take them inside, wash them, and return the box to your car.

Lint Roller –If you transport your pets in the car a lot, then chances are you seats show it. Keep a lint roller in the glove compartment to roll the seats off as soon as Fluffy gets out. This way, you’re not worried about hair transfer and neither are your passengers.

Create a Cleaning Kit –Keep a box in the trunk of your car or a small kit in the glove compartment that has the supplies you will need to keep your car in tip-top shape. This could include Windex, antibacterial wipes, Armor-All, and things of that nature. This way, if there’s a spill, you can get to it right away.

Organize –Buy a cheap shoe organizer (the kind that has pockets) and affix it to the back of one of the front seats. Use this to tuck the kids’ toys, sunglasses, spare maps or gadgets, cords, and any other thing that has the potential to roll around your car.

Spare Change –Keep a small plastic container in your center console to collect your spare change. When it fills up, take it into your house. It also works as a great car vacuum fund to take care of any spilled cheerios, potting soil, or pet hair that may accumulate over time.

Tissue Box –Keep an empty tissue box full of plastic bags in your vehicle. If the box trash can idea doesn’t work for you, you’ll always have plastic bags on hand to clean up fast-food trash or stray receipts.

Cupcake Liners –You should be able to find some silicone cupcake liners pretty cheap from most kitchen supply stores or your local Target. These make perfect liners for your cupholders as well and they make for super easy clean up. If they get dirty, take them inside and wash them.

Travel Baby Wipes Container –If you have an empty travel baby wipe container lying around, you can easily use this to store all of those spare napkins that make a mess every time you open the glove box.

Create a Habit –Every time you have to stop for gas, open all the doors of your car. While you’re filling up, rid your car of any spare trash that may be in the door pockets, tucked in the visors, or under the seats.

Trunk Organizer –Rather than having jumper cables and windshield wiper fluid rolling around the trunk, get a trunk organizer and put everything in its designated location. Also, throw a roll of paper towels in there for spills and window cleaning.

If you follow a handful of these hacks, you’re never going to have the dirty car again. If you never were the one with the gross car, then maybe your friends will take the hint from your exemplary organizational skills.


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