A Seriously Fast McLaren on the Road

A Seriously Fast McLaren on the Road

When you think about the ability to drive fast on a track, the McLaren name is one that comes to mind and has been offering us a variety of amazing racing machines for several decades. The transition to the road doesn’t have the same rich history, but the brand had been building road cars for a while now and they are able to make it more fun for you to have the drive you’re looking for when you head out on the road, especially if you can afford the higher price of a sports car built for the road by the McLaren team.

The new McLaren Speedtail Arrives

This new car is one that’s listed as the fastest and most powerful road-going McLaren every created. This is a car that brings you 1,036 horsepower from a gasoline-hybrid powertrain that’s powerful enough to make the car reach 186 mph in 12.8 seconds. This incredible sprint is nearly four seconds faster than the McLaren P1, which is a car that has a special place in history. The new Speedtail is built to top out at 250 mph to be one of the fastest cars you’ve ever seen or heard of.

The Build of the New Speedtail

The build of this new speeder is with the use of a Monocage built out of carbon fiber with a chassis and wheels from the same material. This car features an active suspension, full carbon fiber bodywork, and carbon fiber aerodynamic features to give you a lightweight and fast car that can be a lot of fun to drive. This new car also has an item called Velocity Active Chassis Control which can lower the car by 1.4 inches on demand to let you drop the car down and take it to the track. This car weighs in at 3,153 pounds and measures just under 17 feet in length.

The Three-Seat Layout Continues

The cabin of the new McLaren Speedtail uses a system that looks similar to the F1 with its three-seat layout that features a central driver’s seat that’s flanked by two passenger seats. The upholstery is a high-quality Scandinavian leather trim that covers the seat, dash, doors and other parts of the cabin. This is a car in which you can choose the stitching pattern you want for the seats. There’s a full digital dashboard that’s joined by two separate screens with two rear-facing cameras that replace the traditional side mirrors.

A Lot of Money for a Lot of Fun

Most of us will never get to drive the McLaren Speedtail unless you have $2.2 million to pay for this car. Even so, there will be 106 models of this car built and every model has already been spoken for. The first deliveries will begin in 2020 and it will be a rare sight for you to see on the road. When this car makes its way to the market, it will certainly be a lot of fun for those who choose to drive it and enjoy it on the road and at the track.


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