Volvo XC40 – All the Clutter Has a Place

Volvo XC40 - All the Clutter Has a Place

What do you take with you when you head out for the day in your car? Do you take your smartphone with you, need a place for your laptop, and want to stop for a drink? Are the bags of groceries with you and you’re afraid they will slide around and spill out? Do you use your cup holders for your change and have no place for your drinks? It’s time to rid your ride of all the clutter and have a place for all the things you need to take with you on the road. The Volvo XC40 has everything you need.

The Swedish Solution – Volvo XC40

The Volvo brand has developed a new XC40 compact crossover SUV and it’s meant to be more comfortable, give you a better drive and allow you to have a place for all the stuff you might take with you when you drive. This new Volvo SUV is meant to allow you the usable space you need and has been designed to make your life simpler when you leave for the day. Volvo understands that you might have several stops along the way and wants to make sure you can have the convenience and location for everything you take with you.

In order to find the solutions that are right for you, the Volvo team went around the world asking people what they took with them on the road and where they put it when they drive. Thankfully, most of the world had the same problems with phones sliding around in and on the middle console, bags that are at risk of falling over and spilling out and the need to get credit cards out of the wallet which can be a serious hassle when sitting behind the wheel. These are just a few of the challenges Volvo set out to solve with this new SUV.

To make room and create the storage solutions that work best for these vehicles Volvo took the speakers out of the doors, put in hooks on the glove box, added credit card slots and put in enough space in the door for a laptop to be stored. They’ve also created a place to hang a bag, separate luggage and even added a garbage can to the vehicle to make it so that you can have everything you need when you’re out on the roads so that you can have things in their place and kept neat and tidy.

Not an Afterthought

The Volvo team didn’t add all these additional items to the vehicle after it was designed and built, they added them during the design process to create a cabin that’s filled with items that can be useful for you out on the road. This new Volvo XC40 will offer you the look and build that’s a lifestyle change and makes it easy for you to experience a place for everything that you’ll take with you out on the road. This SUV is meant to clear the clutter so that you can clear your mind and focus on the drive.


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