Tesla is Slowing Because of Robotics

Tesla is Slowing Because of Robotics

While we don’t have the specific details regarding how the robots are getting in the way at Tesla, we do know the Model 3 line will shut down again at the end of this month. This is to rework some of the production processes. This will mark the third production stoppage on this line already this year. The brand continues to have trouble meeting the demands of the Model 3 that are needed. Thankfully, this time the shut- was planned as the team works to improve the production process. This will help them to understand how to make more of these vehicles.

Strangely, the production line will likely change to add more human interaction in the process as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that humans are underrated and that the computers and robots are currently slowing some of the processes down. As the production line is changed to improve the process we can expect to see more human interaction in the process to help increase the production numbers for Tesla to ensure they can eventually have a run that reaches the original goal that Tesla stated would be the case when the Model 3 was first unveiled nearly two years ago.

Tesla Planned Stoppage but Still a Slow Production

Even though Tesla has planned this most recent shut-down of the Model 3 line, which will take place from May 26 to May 31, that doesn’t mean they’re anywhere near the production numbers anticipated. Right now, the only Model 3 vehicles that have been offered to the over 400,000 people who are on the list to drive this car, are the higher trims and longer range versions. These models are much more expensive than what Elon Musk stood on stage and promised us when he showed up with the Model 3 as the next great EV from this brand.

How far behind is Tesla in reaching the original goals set forth? The original goal was to be able to produce a mix of models that would be at a number of over 10,000 models per week. This would allow the Tesla brand to put out over half a million vehicles per year to the global automotive market. Right now, they are having trouble reaching 2,000 models per week and have set up a new goal of 6,000 models per week to be reached by the end of June, which seems like a lofty goal right now.

Until the work stoppage takes place, Tesla will produce 500 Model 3s per day which is a significant number but considering the backlog of people waiting for their own version of this car, it’s barely going to make a dent in the number needed. Hopefully, this new work shut-down and change to the production line will allow the robots to get out of the way and the Tesla team will be able to produce what’s needed. With more EVs entering the market that can offer the same or better range from a full charge, the Model 3 customers might get restless very soon.


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