Must-have Jackets for Fall/Winter

Must-have Jackets for Fall/Winter

Tis’ the Season to be chilly! And it’s also the time to dig out those coats and jackets out the closet, dust them off, and layer up nice and warm!

Depending on the climate where you live, you may need a selection of lighter jackets (for warmer winter days and fall) and heavy-duty outerwear (when temperatures plummet) to get you through. So here are a few must-have items –‘cos baby it’s cold outside!


Everyone should own at least one fleece –especially moms, amirite? Yes, okay they’re not exactly trendy but they’re easy to throw on, keep you warm, and are lightweight and small enough to roll up and stick in a bag. They’re also great for hikes and just nipping out to the store.

Denim Jacket

The iconic denim jacket is here to stay and you can wear it all year long (if it’s not too hot and not too cold that is!)It’s versatile and comes in a variety of colors and styles, from the classic look to blazers and long shirt jackets.

Long Wool Coat

A tailored wool coat is a must-have for all wardrobes. You can either stick with all black or choose grey, navy, camel-colored or cream. Belted or buttoned, which one will suit you best depends on your taste, height, and shape. This should be your foolproof coat for any formal occasion like an interview or winter wedding.

Leather (or pleather) Jacket

A leather jacket –faux or real –can really make an outfit pop and they can be worn most of the year (except for hot climates of course!) You can opt for a trendy moto jacket, which comes in a range of styles, a classic biker or even a faux patent leather trench.


And speaking of trench coats –is there one hanging in your closet? These will never go out of style and are therefore a good investment. They come in various lengths and colors.

Waterproof Jackets/Coats

Everyone should own at least one waterproof jacket or coat, and there are so many to choose from. Trench rain jackets are functional and fashionable, lightweight and flattering. There are waterproof and windproof stylish hooded parka jackets, and then of course if you’re planning to hit the slopes this season, there are numerous durable gore-tex ski jackets to choose from.

Puffer Jacket

When fashion and function intertwine and hiking gear comes to the high street! You can find puffer coats practically everywhere these days and they’re very popular. These coats are warm, practical, lightweight and they squash into a little ball, so perfect for traveling. Did I mention they’re also cute, stylish, and flattering and come in a variety of styles, lengths, and colors?

Keep warm and dry this season!

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