Kick Start Your New Year the Right Way

Kick Start Your New Year the Right Way

Are you looking forward to the beginning of the New Year? Will 2021 be the year you finally make the changes in your life?

If so, you need to start thinking about the improvements you want to make so that you can improve your life and have what you want to enjoy every day. While we are only starting in December, you have this month to prepare for those changes you want to make in 2021 and figure out how to implement them.

1. Expand Your Thinking with New Experiences

Try to change the way you think, or at least improve it, with a commitment to do something new every day each month. For the entire month, you can do something different such as aerobic exercise, listening to positive music, reading a book, watching less television, eating raw food, or getting a proper amount of sleep. You may find some habits you want to keep and others you want to discard.

2. Write Letters to People that Mean a Lot to You

Choose three people in your life that mean a lot to you and write letters to them. Express how much they mean to you and how they have impacted your life. Handwritten letters to those who are a big part of your life can make a huge difference to them. Your kind words and the difference these people made to you will be something those three people will cherish for a long time and you’ll be filled with the feeling of gratitude.

3. Start a Business Plan

Have you been sitting on a business idea for a while but haven’t acted on it? Do something about it and get your plan going. Start small and build from one location and a small operation into something that could be the next big thing. Even if you don’t make it big, having a business that’s all your own can be huge for you.

4. Write a 101 Life-Goal List

Begin the New Year with a goal list of 101 things you want to do in your life. You can start doing some of these things in 2021 and get a few crossed off your list. You might not get all of the things done on your list in one year, but you could make progress toward a majority of them and see where things go from there. Just writing these things down can be impactful for you.

5. Commit to Fitness

If it’s more than just holiday weight that you’re fighting or you want to participate in a grueling challenge that will take lots of training, make a commitment to fitness. Instead of the normal New Year garbage that lasts about two weeks, put your money where your desires are and hire a trainer or become part of a team that will keep you accountable to your fitness goals and to yourself.

6. Practice the One-A-Day Principle

You can’t please everyone all the time, but you could do something special for someone else every day. This could be visiting a relative you haven’t seen in a while, buying lunch for a stranger, volunteering at a soup kitchen, giving an employee the day off, or spending time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Your time, energy, and effort will make a difference to one person each day and that can be a huge way to celebrate a new year.

7. Be More Aware of Your Thoughts

Have you been described as being without a filter, having diarrhea of the mouth, or having sharp edges in the way you interact with others? If so, you need to create a smoother and more acceptable way of presenting yourself. Not every thought you have in your head needs to be turned into words and you need to take others’ feelings into account as well. Try to make yourself more aware of how you think and what you say to choose a more positive and encouraging language.

8. Schedule Family Time

Family is the most important thing in many of our lives but is also the thing we most often take for granted. Schedule time to take the family out for ice cream, play a board game, go for a walk, or enjoy an event together. This can be the time that creates some of the greatest memories you have in your life.

9. Do Something That Scares You

Do you have a hard time stepping outside of your comfort zone? Do something that you’ve been afraid to try for a long time. If you have very few fears, this could be something that’s a bit crazy, but for some people, this could be as easy as trying to be comfortable in a crowd or engaging in a conversation with a stranger. Find that thing that scares you and make it your challenge for the new year.

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