COVID-19 Creates Massive Spring Sports Schedule

COVID-19 Creates Massive Spring Sports Schedule

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States the sports schedule of spring sports in many colleges was suddenly interrupted.

While we did see some Division I schools engage in the football schedule in the fall, many did not, and at other levels of college athletics, these schedules were pushed to the spring. This means you could find something fun to do and watch this spring if you’ve got a small local college that you want to support and watch.

A Few Sports Began in November

Some of the winter sports began their schedule only a couple of weeks later than they normally would. These sports are swimming, basketball, and indoor track and field. NCAA basketball took a huge hit last year as the championships for various conferences were canceled and these athletes weren’t awarded an additional year of eligibility. Hopefully, these sports will complete their seasons and you can tune in and watch the athletes in action.

Football Could be Fun to Watch This Spring

Normally, spring football is simply the training time with an off-season scrimmage being scheduled that can traditionally be an intrasquad game. Because the Division II and Division III schools postponed their football seasons until spring, you can still enjoy some great football at this time of year. Most schools aren’t allowing fans in attendance, but many have a streaming service you can enjoy on YouTube.

Volleyball is Getting Started with a Spring Sports Schedule

One winter sport that was pushed to the spring is Volleyball. This active and entertaining sport will begin along with many of the spring sports, offering a lot more athletic fun going on at the smaller schools in your area. If you know some of the athletes or want to support the school, find their streaming feed, and get ready for some fun and action on the court.

Baseball and Softball Will Start as Normal

For most schools, baseball and softball are already underway with many of the northern teams traveling south for some warmer games to get the season started. If you’re waiting for a chance to see your favorite MLB teams, watching some of the college baseball and softball may be a great way to pass the time. Check out the spring sports schedule for these teams and enjoy the fun.

Lacrosse is Ready to Begin on Time

Many schools have two lacrosse teams, one for women and one for men. When you watch this sport, you’re going to notice a huge difference in how the game is played, in the physicality, and in the size of the field. Even though there are distinct differences between the sexes for lacrosse, both versions can be a lot of fun to watch. Get ready to enjoy one of the oldest games in the world and see what lacrosse has to offer at your nearby small college.

Soccer has Been Moved to Spring

Another entertaining sport that many love at smaller colleges is soccer. Typically a fall sport, both men’s and women’s soccer has been moved to the spring to give us a full schedule that begins soon and allows
you to have the experience you want when it’s time to have some fun. Find the online streaming and see some of these impressive athletes on the field of play.

College Tennis Could be the Spring Sports Schedule for You

Tennis is ready to begin and it should be a fun season at many of the small colleges you want to support. Find your favorite Division II or III school and get behind the teams that swat the ball across the net. Both men’s and women’s tennis will be fun to watch and can be perfect for you to enjoy the sport you want to see throughout the spring.

Track and Field Meets are Heating Up

After many months away, the track and field athletes are ready to compete and showcase their speed and strength in a few meets over the next couple of months. The small college you want to follow might not stream the meet for you, but you should be able to find a feed at the location where the meet is going on. Check out these competitions and have some fun watching these athletes in action.

Check out the spring sports schedule for the small school in your area and take advantage of an amazing, fun-filled spring of athletic prowess. You’ll find something fun to watch and will get into the games with the teams while they’re on the fields of play.

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