Exercise Should be Fun, but How Can You Make it Fun for You

Exercise Should be Fun, but How Can You Make it Fun for You

Tired of feeling like a hamster on a treadmill or pushing weights with images of the SNL skit of Hanz and Franz? Make exercise fun.

There is proof that if you’re truly enjoying the exercise that you participate in, you will be more likely to come back and enjoy that exercise once again. This is why we see older guys playing basketball at gyms around the country, but there are other great ways to make fitness fun.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Do you exercise by yourself every day? If so, you might not be having much fun. A great way to improve your motivation level, create the fun you want, and add an accountability piece to your workout is to have a friend that will workout with you. No matter the type of exercise, it can be a lot more fun to have a friend there with you.

Find Hiking Trails in Your Area

Going outside to see what’s happening around you can be one of the best ways to make exercise fun again. If you have several hiking trails nearby, you can explore different ones every day or week to see the different aspects of the wilderness. Enjoy nature, the changing of the seasons, and the added fitness level from taking hikes.

Turn Up the Music and Dance

Dancing is one of the best ways you can exercise, especially if you’re constantly moving and shaking things. Dancing allows you to receive an aerobic workout, stretch and move your muscles, and have a lot of fun at the same time. Do it by yourself or with a partner, turn up the music, and have a dance party in your living room. You’re going to want to do this as often as you can.

Exercise Can be More Fun When it’s a Game

Create an obstacle course, invite some friends to play games outside with you, or head somewhere that you can play a game on your own and enjoy the workout you get out of it. You can even use some of the game consoles you have in your home and have some fun exercise games to play. Dust off the WiiSport and Wii Fit games and get moving.

Play with Your Kids and Teach Them About Fitness

You need to teach your kids about the importance of fitness and being in shape. One way to do this and have a lot of fun is to roughhouse and play with your kids. If you teach your kids how to make exercise more fun, you’ll be showing them how to have a lifetime of fitness and activity. Your kids will be happy to play with you and you’re going to get your workout in with them.

When Was the Last Time You Played Frisbee

You might not think about the movement you perform when slinging a frisbee back and forth, but if you have to run to get the disc or simply move a few feet, you’re getting some exercise. The movement of throwing the frisbee can be great for you. Find a friend and make a game out of playing with this disc.

Sign Up for Online Events and Make Exercise More Fun

If you’re a highly driven person, signing up for contests that give you goals to reach over a period of time can be a lot of fun for you. When you love to see how you stack up against others participating in the event, you can make exercise more fun by enjoying the fun of the events that are offered online. Find one that fits you and have a great time.

Head to a Playground

One of the most fun ways for you to exercise and have a lot of fun is to feel like a kid again. Do this by going to a playground and playing on the different equipment. Forget how you look just to have a lot of fun going down the slide, swinging on the monkey bars, climbing ropes and walls, and balancing on the beams. You’ll have some fun and feel great.

Try a New Sport and Have a Lot of Fun

Is there a sport you wished you had played as a kid that you never did? You can try that sport now. This is a wonderful way for you to engage your brain and your body. You get to learn something new and get some exercise at the same time. This can be a lot of fun for you and help you to improve your fitness level and continue to enjoy the activity.

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