The NFL Season is Shaping Up – Week 3 Power Rankings Results

The NFL Season is Shaping Up – Week 3 Power Rankings Results

Three weeks have already passed us by, and only 15 remain in the NFL season. Let’s take a look at how this league is shaping up.

If you have a favorite team in the NFL, you’re likely either extremely pleased with how everything has happened during the first three weeks, or you’re upset by how your team is playing. The season is still young, and there are lots of games left to be played.

The Rams have Taken Over the Top Spot

In a position you might think would be dominated all season by a team led by Tom Brady, the Los Angeles Rams have jumped three positions to be in the top spot on this list. This team is dominating games on both sides of the ball and looks to continue to build in the already perfect start to the season.

The Buccaneers Fall One Position

Falling to second in this list is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are led by Tom Brady. The only fall to this position because of a loss to the team that now occupies the top position. Don’t expect the Bucs to fall much farther; they returned all 22 starters from last year for this NFL season to give us a team that’s strong and poised to defend their Super Bowl Title.

Third Belongs to the Surging Packers

After a Week 1 debacle when facing the Saints, the Green Bay Packers have won two games in a row and have moved up from the sixth spot on this list to be in the third position. An unexpected win against the 49ers gives this team the strength needed to be in this position. Will the Packers hang on and be one of the top teams all year?

The Fourth Spot Belongs to the Bills

A tough team is playing in Buffalo these days, and they are in the fourth position on this list. The Bills have won two of the three games played so far and look to continue to be one of the strongest teams this NFL season. If your favorite team is one that found its way to four Super Bowls in a row, they might be close to going to another one soon.

We See the Ravens in the Fifth Position

The start of this season has been a tough one for the Baltimore Ravens, but they have found a way to win two of the three games and show up in the fifth spot on this list. This past week, the game was secured in Detroit with an NFL record-setting 66-yard field goal that was made by Justin Tucker to win that game for the Ravens.

Even with a Losing Record, the Chiefs are in Sixth

One of the biggest surprises of the NFL season is the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs have lost two of three games already. This is a team that was expected to rumble its way back to the Super Bowl and be the AFC representative for the title. Will the Chiefs find a way to turn things around and make a deep run in the playoffs?

The 49ers Retain their Position in the Seventh Spot

The San Francisco 49ers were 37 seconds away from having a perfect 3-0 record at this point in the season. That was all the time it took Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to rip the hearts out of the 49ers at the end of the game on Sunday Night Football. That loss keeps this team in the seventh position on our list.

For Another Week, the Browns are in the Eighth Position

The Cleveland Browns are expected to continue to be one of the best teams this NFL season. It’s been a long time for Browns fans to see their team become a team worth watching and cheering for once again. Now that they have a team that looks poised to make a deep run in the playoffs, the Browns are certainly a team that many can cheer onward to victory.

Let’s Look at the Rest of the Teams

9. Las Vegas Raiders 3-0
10. Los Angeles Chargers 2-1
11. Arizona Cardinals 3-0
12. Denver Broncos 3-0
13. Carolina Panthers 3-0
14. Dallas Cowboys 2-1
15. Tennessee Titans 2-1
16. Minnesota Vikings 1-2
17. Seattle Seahawks 1-2
18. New Orleans Saints 2-1
19. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1
20. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2
21. Miami Dolphins 1-2
22. Philadelphia Eagles 1-2
23. New England Patriots 1-2
24. Washington Football Team 1-2
25. Atlanta Falcons 1-2
26. Indianapolis Colts 0-3
27. Detroit Lions 0-3
28. Houston Texans 1-2
29. Chicago Bears 1-2
30. New York Giants 0-3
31. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-3
32. New York Jets 0-3

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