Six Chain Restaurants That Are Actually Good For You

One of the hardest things to do when you travel is to find a place to get a healthy meal. This list of healthy chain restaurants could help you have the meal you want when you’re moving about the country for business or for activities involving your family. Some of these chains are located only in one area of the country while others are found everywhere you go.

Veggie Grill is Sixth on the List

This chain currently has 28 locations in Washington state, California, and Oregon. If you’re traveling along the west coast and you want to enjoy a healthy meal, this is the place to go. Based in Santa Monica, Veggie Grill offers you a menu filled with healthy options filled with seasonal vegetables, grilled chicken, and vegetarian foods. You’re sure to find something tasty and healthy when you visit one of these locations.

Just Salad Comes in Fifth

You might think a place called Just Salad would be at the top of the list, but this company comes in at the fifth spot. If you’re looking for healthy chain restaurants, this is a name that will stand out and they deliver on the healthy eating you expect. You’ll find grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, organic tofu, and antibiotic-free chicken on the menu of salads that you can choose from and enjoy.

Fourth Belongs to Protein Bar

We all understand the need to have protein in our diets and this company has this factor in its name. The mission of Protein Bar is to change the way people eat on the go with fast food that tastes great and is good for you. You can have a burrito, salad, or bowl with low-fat beef and vegetables that will fill you up and give you the healthy meal you want to enjoy.

Tender Greens Finds its Way to Third

Based in Los Angeles, Tender Greens has 23 locations in California which makes it another west coast option when you want to eat at healthy chain restaurants. You’ll find a menu of fresh produce that is picked daily at the Scarborough Farms location in Oxnard for the local spots with the rest coming from small, sustainable, and local farms. You’ll love the laid-back feeling and casual experience.

The Runner-Up is Sweet Green

This amazing restaurant serves locally sourced organic food that’s easy to pick up and take with you. You’ll love the wide variety of pre-designed salads and bowls that make it easy for you to have the ingredients you want and the filling meal that you’ll love. You don’t have to eat badly just because you’re traveling, find a Sweet Green location and get the fresh food you deserve.

LYFEKitchen Tops the List

This is the best of the healthy chain restaurants and is the place to go when you want a good meal that will give you the nutrients you desire. While there are only 13 locations, they are found in California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Tennessee, and Texas. The restaurant is based in Palo Alto and offers
amazing foods with low-fat healthy meats and lots of fresh vegetables to give you the food you’re sure to love.

More Common Options

When you’re not in one of the areas where the smaller healthy chain restaurants are located but you still want to eat right, you’ll have a few options that can be found nearly everywhere. Here are a few of them:

Subway is a Great Choice

You can go to subway and experience healthy eating. There are plenty of chopped salads on the menu as well as low-calorie sandwich options that can work for you. They have a “Fresh Fit” menu to give you some tasty choices.

Chipotle Has You Covered

The healthy qualities of Chipotle make it one of the best options when you’re traveling. This restaurant has locations all over the country and offers several amazing healthy meals that you can enjoy. Even their tortillas are healthier than you might expect, making it easy to eat right when you travel and visit this chain.

Panera Bread is Always a Great Option

Just outside of the top six healthy chain restaurants, you’ll find Panera Bread. This chain is everywhere and offers you the benefits of fast-casual dining and tons of amazing healthy options that taste great. They do everything they can to avoid artificial items and preservatives that are not part of a good diet. You’ll be glad to have the clean ingredients, transparent menu, and positive impact Panera Bread can make on your diet.

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