Is Hyundai Becoming America’s Favorite Car Brand?


Don’t look now, but the Hyundai brand is making its way to the top of the market. More buyers are turning to this car brand than ever before, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

Over the past few years, the Hyundai Motor Group has received the most J. D. Power awards for model-level APEAL (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) with five models that have let their class. Add the fact that this brand continues to be a leader in the Initial Quality Study, and you’ve got a brand that’s one of the highest-rated in the market.
What are the best vehicle models wearing the Hyundai name?

Family Vehicle – Palisade

The Palisade is a spacious and comfortable three-row Hyundai SUV that offers one of the most luxurious driving packages in this class. Once inside, you would swear the Palisade was playing in a class well above its price. That’s good news for you if you’re looking for a vehicle that can fit your family, give you many years of pleasant driving, and is packed with technology that makes it a modern choice you’re sure to love. Whether you admire the power of the V6 engine or the large 10.3-inch touchscreen, this SUV is one that can give you an excellent drive every day.

Hybrid/EV – Ioniq

Now that the SUV form of the Ioniq has been added to the Hyundai lineup, you can easily see why this vehicle is one that you’ll want to drive. If you’re looking for a hybrid or electric vehicle to enjoy at an affordable price, you need to see what the Ioniq brings. From the start, this model was offered as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV, which means it has always been ready to give you excellent fuel savings and a smooth ride to wherever you need to go.

Compact Sedan – Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra has been the poster child of this brand for many years. While early versions of the Elantra were considered “cheap,” newer models have evolved to be some of the most enticing cars you can drive. If you want an affordable small car that can easily handle all your commuting needs, the right choice for you is going to be the Elantra. As you climb the trim levels, you’ll find excellent tech items to give you the connectivity you desire, along with better materials on the seats and dashboard to offer style and quality to your drive.

Subcompact Crossover SUV – Kona

Do you spend most of your time driving around on city streets? Are you searching for a small SUV that looks great while saving you money? The Kona could be the right Hyundai SUV or you to drive. This small and active SUV has sharp style elements, modern technology, and an efficient powertrain that allows you to pass up the gas stations many times when you’re out for a drive. Get ready to enjoy the quality and affordability that you can only experience when you get behind the wheel of the Kona.

Hot Hatch – Veloster N

When you’re looking for the vehicle that gives you the most fun on the road, the Veloster N should be a car you consider driving. No longer will you have the other trims to bring the name of this car down; this beauty is all sport all the time, offering 275 horsepower from a small but potent powertrain. You’ll love the way the Veloster N tears up the road, the quirky but sporty appearance offered, and the relative usefulness that might surprise you. Step inside and remember how much fun it is to drive a hot hatch.

Midsize Crossover SUV – Santa Fe

You know the name, and you understand that this SUV has been one of the most popular and useful vehicles in the market for a long time. The Hyundai Santa Fe may have gone through several changes in the past few years, but it still remains the foundational SUV of this brand. This vehicle has been one of the top-rated vehicles in the market when it comes to quality, with many awards, including the 2019 Initial Quality Award, as part of its resume. If you want an SUV that fits many facets of your lifestyle, take the Santa Fe for a spin.

Compact Crossover SUV – Tucson

When the Kona is too small, and the Santa Fe is too big, the vehicle that slots right between them to give you the perfect size is the Tucson. This compact crossover has been one of the most popular choices for owners who want a lot more from their small package than what many other automakers can offer. When you take this SUV home, you’re going to have an affordable, efficient, and comfortable compact SUV that brings you all the goodies you want, especially if you step up to some of the higher trim levels.

Midsize Sedan – Sonata

You might think that Hyundai would release most of its new technology in the Genesis brand, but the Sonata was the first vehicle in this family to receive the new Digital Key feature. That’s not all the Sonata has to offer. This car is a comfortable midsize sedan that makes driving more enjoyable whenever you head out on the road. Check out the smooth lines, attractive style, and dynamic build that allows this car to be one of the most stylish and sophisticated sedans in the market today.

Compact Truck – Santa Cruz

We won’t say the Santa Cruz has proven itself just yet, but it certainly has garnered quite a bit of attention already. If you’ve been waiting for the return of the compact truck, this is the vehicle for you. When you need to handle truck stuff occasionally, and you want to have a smooth drive, you’ll be pleased with how the Santa Cruz performs. This might be just enough truck for everything you need to do. Get behind the wheel and check out the incredible package of features offered and see if this is the truck that will fit right into your lifestyle.

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