What Are the Best Pets to Have Around Small Children?

What Are the Best Pets to Have Around Small Children?

When you want to instill a love of animals in your child, you’ll want to have one of the best pets for small children to live with in your home.

Children have a natural curiosity, and animals can engage this curiosity and help develop a love of animals. Think back to when you were a child; did you have a pet that you grew up with? Many of us remember our childhood pets fondly and try to provide similar experiences to our children. Of course, you want to have the right pets for when your kids are small.

Go the classic route and get a family dog

If you want to see a beautiful relationship develop with your child as they grow, get a dog. Dogs and kids are naturally drawn to each other and create bonds that will last for the entire life of the canine. Dogs do require quite a bit of care and attention, but the love and joy of a family dog is something that can’t be matched. Some people love to get dogs for their kids as infants to allow a puppy to grow with their child.

A parakeet could be a great pet

As your child grows, their curiosity will grow as well. If you want to enjoy one of the best pets to have around small children, choose a parakeet. These small birds are fairly low maintenance and don’t make large messes. Parakeets can be affectionate, and they respond well to gentle handling, which makes them a good choice for children that have reached at least the age of four. These birds can also learn some words, which is a great way to get them to engage with your child.

Could you enjoy rabbits in your home?

Rabbits are fluffy, cute, cuddly, and they can be house-trained. Typically, you need more than one rabbit if you want to keep the animal happy. These pets can live a long time and require lots of care and attention, including grooming. The fact they can be house-trained makes them a great choice when you’re looking for a pet that could be wonderful for your young kids.

Your kids could enjoy having a cat as a pet

Cats require only a small amount of time and maintenance, which makes them a good choice when you want a pet, but you’re on the go a lot. A cat can be one of the best pets to have around small children, but the cat needs to be handled gently to ensure they grow up with an affectionate personality. As a side benefit, if you happen to have a mouse problem having a cat can fix this problem and give you a great way to get rid of the problem in the house.

A crested gecko can be a fun pet to own

One of the best pets to teach your kids patience and understanding is a crested gecko. These lizards sit on your hands and allow you to feel them and understand what they’re about. Most of the time, these lizards live in their enclosures, but this is one of the pets you can take out of its cage to allow your child to handle and enjoy. This is a great pet to get your child comfortable with lizards.

Let your children admire and learn about fish in your home

Owning fish is pretty easy, but the cost depends on the type of fish and how many you have. Some freshwater fish in a small tank is a great way to introduce your kids to keeping fish and learning about them. These can be some of the cheapest pets and some that are the best pets to have around small children. Of course, you’ll need to teach your kids about caring for the fish and what they need to thrive.

Your child could fall in love with a guinea pig

Would you like to give your child a small, soft, and fluffy animal to enjoy as a pet? If so, a guinea pig might be the ideal choice. These pets make great options for kids that have stopped squeezing things, and they don’t require a lot of care. Guinea pigs are very social animals, which means you should buy them in pairs and let them have a friend in the cage. Make sure you choose same-sex pairs; otherwise, you might have some extra little guinea pigs running around.

Could a bearded dragon make a great pet?

Typically, bearded dragons are better pets for older children, but if you’re supervising and helping with the handling of this animal, they can be an interesting pet to have in your home. Bearded dragons tolerate being handled more than most reptiles, and they’re pretty mellow animals. These animals are pretty quiet and are easy to maintain in your home. You could enjoy watching your child grow up enjoying this lizard as their pet.

When you have lots of outdoor space, goats could make great pets

Goats are great in pairs, and they can help keep your grass cut by eating it. You need a large enclosure for the goats to roam and enjoy, but this can make for a wonderful place for your child to spend time growing up with these lovable animals. Goats can be some of the best pets for small children because they can be squeezed and loved, and they won’t mind your child giving them attention. Goats can live to be more than 15 years old, which means they are a long-term commitment.

Let your kids enjoy taking care of some chickens

Chickens offer several benefits and have become popular animals for some people to keep for their eggs and meat. These animals are very low maintenance as long as you have room for them. Kids can typically handle them and perform most of the tasks of caring for the chickens. These animals are funny and eventually develop personalities that you can enjoy.

These are some of the best pets to have around small children in and around your home. Which pet will you choose to allow your child to develop a strong bond and love for animals?

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