Help Your Dog Find the Right Chew Toy to Enjoy

Help Your Dog Find the Right Chew Toy to Enjoy

Some dogs are aggressive chewers, while others are a bit more gentle on their toys. You can’t always go by the size of the dog but by how much they love to chew.

Many dogs will get bored and begin to chew. If you often leave your dog at home alone, the last thing you want is for them to begin to chew on your furniture. Giving your dog some toys that are nearly indestructible makes a lot of sense when you want to teach your dog to behave better. If you have a chewer, you’ll want to invest in the right type of dog toy.

Should you get some ring-shaped chew toys?

One of the best options for pet parents are ring-shaped chew toys. These toys are hard to swallow and easy to enjoy when gnawing on them. These rings are great when you want to play with your pet. If you throw it for them, they can bring it back, and you won’t have to reach into their mouth to dig it out. If you’re looking for fun, classic toys for your pet, check out some ring-shaped rubber toys.

Some dogs like the bone-shaped chew toys

Bone-shaped chew toys offer the potential for a dog to choke when carrying them. That said, if your dog likes to sit and chew for long periods of time, these toys could be the best option for your dog. These chew toys are not good for interactive play; they’re usually too heavy to be good for throwing or during games of tug-of-war. If you’re looking for great toys for patient chewers, the bone-shaped toys could be best for your dog.

Does your dog get bored? Here’s a solution

If you’ve got a smart dog that sometimes gets bored, the right choice could be a toy with a spot for treats. These toys come in various shapes and sizes, giving your dog something they can enjoy chewing on that has their favorite treats inside. Your dog could spend hours chewing and gnawing to get the treats out and enjoy the flavors. You can’t play with these toys with your dog, but they give your pet an outlet when you’re away and want to give them something to chew on during the day.

Should you get ropes for tug-of-war?

Some ropes are made of resilient materials to be great for playing tug-of-war with your pet. The knotted ropes can give you some great ways to enjoy a game of pull and play with your dog that, makes it easy to enjoy some time together. If you’ve got an aggressive power-chewer, they will love playing back and forth with you when you grab one end of the rope and start a fun game with them. These toys also help you get much closer to your dog.

Does your dog love fetch? Try some tough balls

Some dogs can destroy tennis balls in a minute, while others can make them last for years. If your dog loves to play fetch, the right type of chew toy for your dog could be some tough rubber balls. Kong makes several that can work great when you’re training your dog, but if you have lacrosse players in your family, these balls are just as good. Find the right ball to give your dog the fun of fetching with a ball they can’t destroy in the process.

Maybe your furry friend will love a frisbee disc

Disc-style toys are perfect for dogs that love to chase and catch and jump while playing fetch. These discs are often made with rubber and plastic to give you something to toss and your dog the right material to grab when they want to bring it back to you. You’ll love tossing a disc and letting your dog grab it and bring it back to you. This can be the right toy to give your pet hours of fun.

Can your dog handle plush toys

Some dogs tear apart plush toys with squeakers inside, but some of these toys are designed to be extremely durable and tough. These toys are excellent for power-chewing dogs who like to lay with their toys or carry them around. This could give your tough and rumble dog something wonderful to carry and play with when they want to just relax around the house. Of course, even the most durable push might not be a match for your power-chewing dog.

Which dog chew toys should you get for your aggressive chewer? These seven types give you some ideas.

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