Mercedes Pushing Technology and Regulations Forward

Mercedes Pushing Technology and Regulations Forward

While most of the time we can certainly appreciate and understand the qualities that make us different, these differences between countries can sometimes be a hazard in some industries. The automotive industry is a worldwide part of the business with many brands like Mercedes offering models in several different markets for the driving experience desired. As we look toward higher levels of technology that will be offered on the markets that we drive, the need for some form of standardization might be necessary around the world in order to assist the automakers in the development of the technology we’ll see in cars of the future.

In order to highlight this need, Mercedes-Benz sent a car off on a worldwide road trip to let us see what may be needed for the future. This car is one that will capture information and drive across five different continents in order to gather the data needed to make sure the team at Mercedes-Benz can work to bring more autonomous technology for the future of our driving needs on the roads we travel every day. This drive will demonstrate the need for unified worldwide legislation to help move this technology forward.

Where is this Mercedes car going?

The drive of the Mercedes-Benz S Class that’s making this ride began at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show when the CEO of Daimler fired off a starting gun. This test vehicle is a self-driving car that’s being tested in a variety of markets to see if it’s equipped to handle the job of making the drive needed wherever it goes. The goal is to have this car experience different road conditions when venturing into different countries around the world to make sure this car is equipped to map and adjust to what the road has to offer.

After completing the leg in Germany, the car will be sent to China, then to Australia, followed by South Africa and finally the US. This car won’t make these runs back to back, which each one being scheduled for a different month in order to allow the car to be upgraded or improved based upon the data that’s collected. The final leg of the drive will take place from LA to Las Vegas as the car makes its way to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in January to make sure the technology offered can be enjoyed for the drive so that the car can learn more wherever it travels.

Every country will offer more to the data collected with the German part focusing on the motorways and traffic, the dense traffic challenges offered in Shanghai, the maps and roads offered in the Cape Town area, and the dense urban sprawl and challenges offered during the leg from LA to Las Vegas as the car has a focus on overtaking and driving in heavy traffic. The celebration will take place as the car reaches the CES show in January, where we’ll talk about more of the details of how far the car has traveled and what the car has learned.


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