Top Ten Toys for the 2017 Holiday Season

Top Ten Toys for the 2017 Holiday Season

Each year, around the Christmas holiday there are always several toys that seem to top the most-wanted lists for kids to find under the tree.

However, what most people don’t realize is that these toys become trends much earlier in the year as kids are inundated with commercials featuring the next best thing in toys. They’re slowly brainwashed to like the hottest toys so parents will drive themselves crazy trying to attain these very specific requests to make the kids smile on Christmas day.

A tiny seed planted by the toy manufacturers grows into a very large and stress-inducing plant in the brains of parents all over the world as they hustle through stores to find what blogs and internet sites are claiming to be the best of the best for this year.

The Top Ten

1.The Frozen Ride-On Sleigh

If you have a child who has seen the movie Frozen, then chances are that they’re obsessed with the movie and every single character in said movie. This toy is exclusive to Walmart shoppers and is going to cost you $300 at the very least. Gone are the days of pink Jeep Power Wheels. This is the new means of transportation for happy toddlers.

2. Nintendo Switch

Every year there seems to be a hot new video game that kids can’t wait to get their hands on. This year it’s the Switch. While Xbox and PlayStation both have newbies coming out, most kids already have the early version and they’re not really all that concerned about upgraded graphics, so the Switch is the desirable thing this year!

3. Hatchimals

These were popular last year and parents were climbing over each other trying to get their hands on one. Scalpers were buying them in bulk and posting them on eBay at five times the cost. This year, get your hands on one early as they’re still trending for kids. Don’t wait until November or December.

4. WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Monkeys

If you blow them a kiss, they’ll blow one back. They’re designed to fit on your finger and respond to your voice, your movements, and your touch. You can put them to sleep or make them go crazy; it’s all up to the owner. They run around $40 and can be found at most major retailers.

5. PJ Masks

There is no specific PJ Masks toy that is better than another, anything will do for your kids this year. Kids worldwide are obsessed with everything having to do with this show and its masked characters. Ranging from toys to clothes, anything related to this show you’re able to find would be very well received.

6. Baby Alive

Taking on the form of a sick baby that cries real tears, this year’s version of Baby Alive is called Sweet Tears. Available in different races and every available hair color, these dolls can be fed, have her nose wiped, or be changed. Ranging in price from $40-50, they can be purchased at all of the regular toy spots, but get one now.

7. Lego

These playsets and brick set still top the list. Kids who have great imaginations and want to play, design, and build their own villages will go crazy for any member of the Lego family. Big kids or small kids; it doesn’t matter. They’ll love building, no matter what.

8. Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn

Interactive toys are big on this year’s list and unicorns have been big for years so it makes sense that someone finally blended the two. Watch her perform tricks or simply feed her “treats”, it doesn’t matter. Kids will have a blast entertaining their unicorn and vice versa.

9. Fisher-Price Think & Learn, Teach n Tag Movi

Made to exercise preschool-aged kids’ brains, the Movi is a cute little primary-colored robot. It can play games, dance, or teach new words. Available for under $40 at most big box stores, the Movi is set up to teach children to use their critical thinking skills

10. Teddy Ruxpin

Nope, you didn’t just flashback to the eighties or anything. They’re relaunching this fan favorite from that decade. Instead of tapes, he’s fitted with handy-dandy cartridges and now he has LED color changing eyes. His outfit is similar, his price is around $120, and he’s selling out quickly.

Don’t be the unpopular parent on Christmas morning and please your kids. While they need to be taught that gifts aren’t the true reason for the season, they also need to experience the magic of the gift-giving festivities. They grow up way too fast. Postpone it as much as you can.

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