Linking Up: Earning Links for Your Small Business

Linking Up: Earning Links for Your Small Business

Your online presence needs one thing to make it successful and allow others to see what you have to offer.  That one thing is links; get some today.

Okay, so you’re a small business and you have this great website that you just dropped a ton of money on, right? Well, join the club. There are a lot of small businesses out there with awesome, jaw-dropping websites that cost them an arm and a leg.

So, how do you set yourself apart from all of the other perfectly designed and visually stimulating websites flooding the internet? Link earning, that’s how.

Your gorgeous and professional website might as well be a poorly managed Facebook page if no one is going to see it. Sure, you can pass out flyers and business cards with your web address all over them, you can dress yourself in head to toe URLs for your business, and you can hand out all the swag you want, but still, people are only going to go there if someone else says it’s super cool or that your company does something different than everyone else.

Links from reputable local companies are an awesome way to spread word of mouth about your business. They’re the perfect means by which to get your name on the map with all of the other businesses and people in your community, so you’re going to want to get friendly and start building some relationships. Got it? Well here’s how you do it!

How To Earn Links…

In a perfect world, people would just love us for who we are and what we do and we wouldn’t have to prove ourselves at all. They would just trust that we are as cool as we say we are and flock to our businesses, but it’s definitely not a perfect world so this isn’t the case. Start building your reputation by rubbing elbows with your locals.

Host Something

If you’re opening a trendy little boutique or even a mega store in your neighborhood, there’s no better way to make good than to host a party. Even if it’s just a little open house with light appetizers, it’s a great way to make a splash in the neighborhood and let people get to know you a bit.

Promotions Earn Links

People love a discount, so bank on that. Offer a great deal one day a week. For instance, do a Thirsty Thursday deal at your restaurant offering a free glass of wine with the purchase of an entrée. Better yet, offer a BOGO deal in your store. No matter how small the deal, people will come.

Keep It Updated

Keep your site updated. If you have a blog link on your site, then you better be blogging. Don’t let your presence lag either, people need to see that there’s someone behind the scenes. Keep up with your social media profiles and stick with your site. In order to link to it, your people are going to need to know that it’s a real site.

Get to Know the Talent and  Earn Links

Is there a local reporter who frequents your place? Good! Pay close attention to them, throw them a compliment on their attire one day, or even remark about a piece they just did. Your friendliness will go a long way toward making you memorable.

Word Art can Earn Links

Come up with something cute and catchy that keeps your business on people’s minds. Develop an unforgettable logo or catchphrase and mass market it!

Get Charitable

If you have the funds, sponsor a local kiddie league team. If you don’t, make a nice donation to a local animal shelter. Do something good for the people around your community and make sure others know about it.

Make Friends and Share Links

If you’re in a strip mall or a little group of stores, walk around and introduce yourself and maybe include a little sample of what you do. If you’re a bakery, make the people some cookies and take them along when you go to say hello.

Attend Local Events

Is there an egg hunt in the town square for Easter? Go and take something with you that pertains to your business. Craft shows, festivals, and community meetings are great ways to get exposure, so get out there.

Starting a business is hard, there’s no way to argue that fact. It’s rough out there for a fledgling business, but there are great ways to make things happen for yourself, and getting links from the locals is one of the best!

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