Video Game Business? Tesla Considers the Market

Video Game Business Tesla Considers the Market

When you choose a Tesla as the car you want to drive, the updates offered for the infotainment and technology included in the vehicle comes over the air from the company. With so many impressive updates being offered, there seems to be one that will be offered soon that will ensure you can have some fun on the road. Most of the updates that we’ve seen in the different versions of the Tesla software have been designed to add more safety features or an increased level of power for the drive, but a new one is on the way that’s completely different. Now Tesla is considering the video game market.

Adding Classic Video Game Options to Your Car

The infotainment screens offered in the Tesla vehicles we admire have grown in size over the past few models. Because these screens are so large, they could be the right place for a video game to be broadcast and for you to enjoy the fun of playing a game while in the car. Right now, Elon Musk has made mention of several of the vintage games we’ve loved in the past such as Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command to give us a few Atari games from the past.

Going Farther

Once these classic video games are uploaded with the next software update, V9.0, the video game will be able to be played when you’re in the car. The controls offered will be the steering wheel and pedals to give you a lifelike system to enjoy the control and drive when you stop your Tesla and are waiting for the next thing you’re going to do. For obvious reasons, these games will only be functional when the car is stationary, making this a great way to have the fun you want when you have to wait for your kids to finish their sports practice.

An Expected Timeframe

The first batch of Atari games may be launched in about four weeks with the software updates. It may show up with only one video game to start with, but others might show up soon after with small updates that take place. At some point, some of these updates could come with subscription-based versions of games that you could play. In fact, there’s no reason to think that the future of the Tesla models won’t include a variety of controllers to make it fun for you to play the games on the screen in the center of the console.


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