Engine Polygraph – A New Tool to Help You Out

Engine Polygraph - A New Tool to Help You Out

One of the most irritating feelings you can have is taking your vehicle to a mechanic to have them set up their equipment and use their computers to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle to find out there was a simple fix that could have been applied. If you fancy yourself a mechanically inclined person that can diagnose your own engine issues and do the work yourself, you may want to have the Engine Polygraph to tell you what’s wrong with your engine before you take it to a mechanic or tear it apart.

What is the Engine Polygraph? This is a new and advanced computerized diagnostic tool that can determine the health of your engine. This item is also able to identify up to twelve different mechanical issues from the engine by being attached to just two locations in your engine. This new tool can be extremely important to you if you’re ready to do the work yourself, but it’s certainly something that you should expect to see at fleet service locations, dealerships and automotive repair shops around the country in the near future. This is an item that could quickly be an invaluable tool for the service professional.

How does Engine Polygraph work?

The Engine Polygraph can determine what’s going on in your engine deep inside your engine including items such as misfires, bad fuel injectors, worn camshaft lobes, and broken valve springs. This is done with the tow sensors that are attached to different locations of the vehicle. One is attached to the exhaust port and the other is attached to the oil dipstick tube. These two sensors measure the fluctuation of pressure that’s produced while the engine is running which allows the computer to receive the data needed to give you the information you’re looking for.

These two sensors are attached to an item known as a PicoScope which is able to interact with the Engine Polygraph while the software is running to give you a readable set of graphs to be able to read and receive the necessary information to tell a service professional exactly what’s going on in the engine and what needs to be fixed. This item has been shown to be accurate and has aided mechanics to save time and pinpoints what’s going on under the hood so that a vehicle can be fixed more quickly.

Any tool that can help make the job easier and faster for the team at a service location, dealership, or fleet service center, is one that can certainly be a value for the team to use. The Engine Polygraph isn’t a cheap tool by any means, but the information and the time savings offered with this item is invaluable as it makes the job easier and allows the team to know exactly what’s wrong to be able to fix the vehicle right away. If you’re part of a service team or want to use the Engine Polygraph on your own vehicles, check it out and let it tell you what going on under the hood.


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