Lock Your Keys in Your Car? Save Yourself Some Money

Lock Your Keys in Your Car? Save Yourself Some Money

We’ve all done it, and some of us have done it more than once. We all lock our keys in the car and need to find a way to get them out and be able to get into the car and go on about the day. The trouble with getting into your car is the fact that you might have a hard time getting the door unlocked without damaging the vehicle. Not only will you end up damaging your vehicle by attempting to get your keys out, but you may also have to pay a locksmith to unlock your vehicle with a tool they have available to them.

If you want to get your keys out and get into your car without causing damage to your vehicle and you want to avoid the need to call a locksmith, you need to take a look at the two videos below and take a look at how these cars are unlocked with the use of just a couple small items. Yes, you’ll still have to deal with the inconvenience of the time it will take to get into your vehicle, but you won’t have to worry about paying for damage or a locksmith.

Lock on Top of the Door

When your vehicle has the lock that is on top of the door and not integrated into the handle or just as a push button all you’re going to need is a string. If you lock your keys in the car at home finding a string is usually pretty easy, but if you’re out in a parking lot away from home you may need to take the shoelaces off your shoes to get the lock to pull up and provide you with the access you need to be able to get into your car.

Integrated Lock

If your car has a lock that’s integrated into the handle or uses a simple push button to open the doors in your car you’ll need an item that can wedge into the door and then a long thin piece of metal. Typically a metal coat hanger works well for this situation in order to give you the right way to open your car and have the access you need. Be careful when opening this type of car lock because you will need to make sure you don’t damage your door in the process.

No matter which one of the doors locks you have, you can avoid the trouble of calling a locksmith or needing to break into your car in a damaging manner by using one of these two methods to open the doors of your car. Make sure if you’ve locked your keys in the car out in a public location you keep some identification on your person in order to let others know who you are in case they ask while you’re breaking into your car to retrieve your keys. Take a look at the videos linked below and learn how to break into your car when you lock your keys inside.



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