Top Hikes Within Driving Distance of Chattanooga

Top Hikes Within Driving Distance of Chattanooga

Get out on the trails that you see near Chattanooga, TN in the Great Smokey Mountain area and you’ll see a lot of what you miss otherwise

There is nothing truly as majestic as the views one can capture in the Great Smokies National Park and Chattanooga, Tennessee and there is no better way to take in the incredible scenery than by hiking your way through the many trails.

Hiking Near Chattanooga is Fun

So lace up your hiking boots, bring some form of hydration and a great camera and get out onto one of these top trails. If you want great views coupled with a great day of exercise in the fresh air, hit the Great Smokies National Park, or stick around the Chattanooga area.

Lace Up

Not only is hiking great exercise, but it also helps to center us. Nowhere else can we be more at peace than when we’re communing with nature. The top trails will help you get back to nature and release all of the stress from the workweek.

1. Soddy Creek Gorge

Located on the Cumberland Trail, this section is rated for somewhat experienced hikers, as it falls in the middle in terms of difficulty. It is on the Southern edge of the Three Gorges Segment and provides some seriously incredible views. In total it is a five-mile hike, but you can easily make it last for several hours by taking the time to enjoy all of the scenery.

2. Virgin Falls near Chattanooga

Located about sixty miles from the Downtown Chattanooga area, this falls hike is incredibly picturesque with four different waterfalls. It’s a nine-mile loop with some areas that may be difficult for amateur hikers to negotiate so be sure that you’re ready for this kind of hiking. It’s operational during every season and will take about six hours to complete, so timing is important.

3. Old Stone Fort Archeological Park

The park itself is perfect for a day spent hiking as it offers over seven miles of different trails, most of which are perfectly suited for inexperienced hikers. Full of incredible history and under an umbrella of foliage, the hikes are fairly easy and short, most can be walked in about two hours, with some as short as fifteen minutes. For a great day outdoors, make a plan to visit the park and hike all the trails it has to offer.

4. Laurel-Snow

If you want a great hiking trail that is built for running, then Laurel-Snow is the perfect area for you; you can even bring your dog on his leash! No matter what kind of outdoor sportsman you are, this location has something to offer. Whether you’re looking to backpack, climb, hike, or run, there are trails built for you inside the State Natural Area. The main trail is about six miles and is okay for moderately experienced hikers.

5. Fall Creek Falls near Chattanooga

After forgiving the redundancy of the name of this hiking location, get there ASAP! With over fourteen different trails and locations prime for camping out, this State Park is an outdoorsman’s new favorite spot. From half-mile jaunts to overnight hikes, Falls Creek has something for every hiker to enjoy. The trails range from simple to more complex, but in the company of an experienced hiker, even novices can enjoy the longer hikes.

If you’ve had a bad week at work or you just need some fresh air, put on some boots and get outside to enjoy one of these incredible trails.

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