Disney Features a New Pixar-Themed Hotel

Disney Features a New Pixar-Themed Hotel

The animated world of Disney, married with the genius of Pixar, comes together to offer charming accommodations.

Suppose you’ve wanted to immerse yourself in Toy Story or Finding Nemo; it’s now a possibility. The various Disneyland resorts and hotels in California have always made it fun and fanciful for guests to stay in, but this is the first time a hotel has taken on the Pixar theme. No matter what your favorite Pixar movie happens to be, you can enjoy some of the characters and pieces coming from those worlds to give you the Disney immersion you desire.

Paradise Pier Changes to a Pixar World

If you’re planning a trip to California to spend time in Disneyland, the Paradise Pier Hotel is where you want to go. This hotel is being transformed into the various Pixar worlds to offer some fantastic artwork, décor, and themes that take you and your family on a journey through the different Disney worlds created for many years. This hotel offers more than just décor and accommodations; it’s a place where you and your kids can become immersed in some of the worlds of Pixar.

Enjoy Amazing Disney Films Before You Head to the Park

The Paradise Pier Hotel now features a screen room with a seahorse theme. This is where kids can watch Disney films that Pixar animates to enjoy some fantastic worlds. This screening room offers beach chairs to finish the piece and gives kids a great way to see their favorite films. The rooftop pool deck could be a place to enjoy some sun and warm air that makes it easy for your family to have a wonderful time before you ever head out of the hotel.

Full Accommodations Await You

Guests of the Paradise Pier Hotel enjoy the Disney and Pixar theme and have access to the Disney California Adventure park right from the hotel. If you head to Disneyland this summer and stay at this hotel, you can enjoy early access to the theme park and send some of your purchases back to the hotel. If you want to get a little exercise when you’re visiting this park, you’ll have early access when you sign up for a workout class inside the park. Does this sound like a great way to enjoy your California vacation?

What Attractions Should You See in Disneyland?

The imagination of one of the most famous cartoonists in the world comes to life in this incredible theme park. You’ll find many attractions and rides that you should enjoy when visiting this fantastic park. Let’s cover some of the most popular and what makes them unique.

Take a Tour of Tarzan’s Treehouse

Tarzan’s Treehouse is an interactive campsite play area that is 80 feet tall and has more than 450 branches. Enjoy the fun and play offered at this elevated adventure area. Your kids will love running around and playing on the various bridges, components, and swings that make up this impressive attraction.

Ride the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Ride

The illusion offered on this ride will make you feel like you’re in action taking on the First Order. You’ll get recruited by Rey and BB-8, board a transport, and fight off the droid army while enjoying this fantastic ride. The action and adventure feel natural and give you the heart-pounding experience you desire from a Disney park.

Enjoy the Matterhorn Bobsleds

One of the most fun roller coasters at Disneyland is the Matterhorn Bobsleds. This ride has been upgraded with an Abominable Snowman animatronic display, adding a bit of fearsome fun to the already exciting coaster. When you head to this Disney park, this is one of the exclusive rides to this California location.

Need a Break? Head to Main Street Cinema

Pop inside Main Street Cinema and enjoy some of the classic shorts, including Steamboat Willie. This is a great place to catch your breath, enjoy some air conditioning, and relax for a few minutes before heading back out. Let your kids see some of the earliest cartoons that helped entertain kids of all ages when they first appeared.

You’ve Got to Ride Space Mountain.

The light tunnels, unusual movement, and impressive acceleration make Space Mountain a favorite ride in this Disney park. The ride barely breaks 30 mph, which means it’s an illusion that makes you feel like you’re riding faster than that. This is a must-ride attraction offered at this park.

Check Out the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Take a guided Jeep through an archeological world that will give you the thrills you want and show you some of the ancient cultures’ strange and unusual beliefs. This ride shakes you and makes you feel how bumpy and rough the terrain would be if you were riding through some of the undiscovered areas of the world.

Walk Through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

The castle is one of Disney’s central and most highly recognized attractions. The walking tour allows you to enjoy the mechanical dioramas that spring to life and offer you the story of Sleeping Beauty. You’ll find yourself witnessing the final scene with Maleficent as a fire-breathing dragon before you end your tour.

Relax on the Small World Boat Ride

If you find yourself a little tired or grumpy, the Small World ride will put you in the right mood. This is one of the classic water rides in Disneyland, and it offers you a slow-moving boat tour in a tunnel filled with happy and beautiful characters. The tune played has been going strong since it debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair.

Your Kids Will Love Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain is the perfect ride when you have kids who feel they are too grown for the kiddie coasters but aren’t quite big enough to handle the full-size monsters. This small roller coaster between the two gives your kids a bit of fun while keeping things relatively tame. This is one of the most incredible rides for kids in this Disney park.

See the Whole Park in the Disneyland Monorail

This zero-emission train can take you around the park to see everything in only 13 minutes. The ride covers 2.5 miles, and it passes through Downtown Disney, Tomorrowland, and other areas o the park. If you happen to stay at Disney’s Grand California Hotel & Spa, this could be your daily ride to and from the park.

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