Caverns to Explore When in the Appalachian Mountains

Caverns to Explore When in the Appalachian Mountains

One road that cuts through the Appalachian Mountains is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Along this route, you’ll see several caverns to explore.

Going into caves that are set up for exploration can be a safe way to explore the way the world shapes itself under the surface. Too often, all we see is the top of the world, not what’s going on underneath.

Bristol Caverns

The area around Bristol, Tennessee is one where you can find a lot to do. You can take in a race, experience some great food, hike around in the mountains, and explore Bristol Caverns where you’ll discover some amazing features deep beneath the surface. Take a tour and experience these caves and what they have to offer.

On your tour, you’ll discover the Underground River that flows 180 feet below the surface. Walk along the paved and lighted pathways and catch a glimpse of the Bridal Veil, Entrance Hall, and Lover’s Leap which are all names of some of the cave formations you’ll see when you’re on the tour. The cave walls are covered in red, blue, gray, brown, and white that show the various mineral deposits in the caves.

Linville Caverns

One of the most famous caverns along the Blue Ridge Parkway is Linville Caverns. If you’re taking a tour through the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll want to take a day off from the surface to see what this impressive location has to offer. These caves were open in 1937 and it is the only show cavern in North Carolina, making it a special place where you can enjoy some time below the surface.

During your tour of Linville Caverns, you’ll see an underground stream where trout swim in and out of an area that appears to be solid rock. Guides will share the history of the caves and show the splendors of different formats that were created over several eons. The temperature is always 52-degrees in Linville Caverns, which makes it a cool place to visit.

Skyline Caverns

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but closer to Skyline Drive, you’ll find a treat of the Appalachian Mountains. Skyline Caverns is located in Royal, Virginia and it offers a one-hour tour where you’ll see many of the amazing features that make this cavern special. Enjoy the tour and be amazed by what you find in Skyline Caverns.

Some of the features you’ll find in this cave area include Capital Dome, Rainbow Trails, Painted Desert, Wishing Well, Grotto of Nativity, Cathedral Hall, Shrine, Fairyland Lake, Anthodite Clusters, and the Chandelier. Kids can wander through the Enchanted Dragon Mirror Maze or ride the Skyline Arrow after the tour is over, giving you a break and something more for them to do.

Luray Caverns

In Luray, Virginia, you’ll find a veritable cave of wonders called Luray Caverns. One of the gems of the Appalachian Mountains, this is a place that can offer you the views you want and the tour that will amaze you. It’s an incredible place where natural wonders and man-made creations join forces to give you the experience you want to enjoy.

Luray Caverns is a U.S. Natural Landmark which boats the larges musical instrument in the world, The Great Stalacpipe Organ. This organ uses electronically triggered rubber mallets to tap on stalactite formations spanning more than three acres to make incredible music. Enjoy the self-guided tour and see some of the amazing rock wonders of these caverns.

Shenandoah Caverns

Just five miles north of New Market, Virginia, you’ll see the Shenandoah Caverns. This cavern area has been open to visitors since 1922 and people have come from all over the world to see what they offer. You’ll find an elevator and leveled pathways, which makes this a place you can take anyone of any ability level to enjoy the tour.

During the one-mile trek, you’ll see crystalline formations including Breakfast Bacon, Capitol Dome, Diamond Cascade, and Rainbow Lake. There’s a shop at these caverns to give you a place to buy a trinket as a reminder of your day touring the Shenandoah Caverns.

Which Caves Will You Visit?

Throughout the Appalachian Mountains and along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’ll find several great places to enjoy diving below the surface and touring caves and caverns that have been set up for tours. Experience the wonder and the amazing rock formations that you’ll get to see when you take your tour at one of these five cavern locations and make some memories.

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