Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are part of what you enjoy when the autumn season arrives. You expect to find them everywhere and know that you can have a cup of hot apple cider while trying to find your way out. You might have a favorite maze that you visit every year, or you might be looking for one of the best places to go to weave your way around a cornfield that’s been cut into a maze.

Here are some great places to go when you want to enjoy one of these incredible locations!

Cool Patch Pumpkins –Dixon, California

Cool Patch Pumpkins

This is one of the largest corn mazes in the world and it’s been created by Matt and Mark Cooley. The maze measures 53 acres and it is made to ensure you get lost and have to figure out how to get out. There are corporate sponsors for this maze, including Starbucks and Ford, who have paid for checkpoints throughout the maze where you can learn how far you’ve gone off course.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze –North Danville, Vermont



What you don’t see from the aerial shot of this corn maze is the 32-foot underground tunnel that adds a bit of a unique experience to visitors of one of the most impressive corn mazes in the country. If you’ve come to this location and mastered it before, the design changes every year to keep you from getting out easily when you start your exploration.

McPeek’s Mighty Maze –Coshocton, Ohio

Stay at the local KOA and enjoy one of the most incredible corn mazes in the Midwest. You’ll see an ocean in a cornfield right in the middle of Ohio, which just might blow your mind. In addition to the corn maze, you can enjoy hayrides, pumpkins, and meeting new people during the fall festival of fun found at this KOA and corn maze location.

Kraay Family Farms –Lacombe, Alberta, Canada


This is not one of your typical corn mazes. The Kraay Family uses unique designs and offers some incredible shapes in their corn maze to make sure you see something different every time. This year, the maze is crafted into a large QR code and is a major win for them. This design won the Guinness World Record for the Largest QR code and you get to explore it and find your way out.

Conners Farm –Danvers, Massachusetts

While some corn mazes will have actor zombies and monsters in them to scare visitors, this corn maze has the dubious honor of not needing to offer these at all. In fact, a family visiting the maze got so lost they called 9-1-1 to have emergency services rescue them out of the maze. It’s almost unimaginable until you experience it for yourself.

Queens County Farm Museum –Floral Park, NY


This is one of the smallest corn mazes on the list, covering only three miles, but it’snot an easy maze to crack. You could trek through this maze for about 45 minutes without ever finding your way out. There are nine mailboxes spread throughout the maze to offer you clues to help guide you where you need to go. You’ll also find phones that you can use to call for help if needed.

Richardson Adventure Farm –Spring Grove, Illinois

Four separate corn mazes make up this maze that covers 33 acres of farm corn. Because the creators know you’re going to need some help, there are 24 hidden checkpoints along the way to help keep you on the path. Keep an eye out for these checkpoints to make use of them when you need to, otherwise, you’re going to be lost.

Treinen Farm –Lodi, Wisconsin

Spanning fifteen acres, this is the largest of the corn mazes in Wisconsin This maze is long and treacherous, giving you a hike that could make you walk as much as six miles through the winding maze. There’s a lot of fun sprinkled in along the way to keep things fun and make it easy for you to want to keep hiking during your time in the maze.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farm –Paradise, Pennsylvania

Tucked into Amish country, you’ll find one of the best corn mazes in the country. This is one of the longest-running in the United States and it has grown to offer 50 different attractions aside from the maze itself.

Use the color-coded system that will help you get through the maze, enjoy the different attractions offered, and admire the views and landscape of this area of the country.

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