A Special January Day of Service

A Special January Day of Service

Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was more than a social leader famous for leading race marches in the South, he was also a man of service.

His work in churches and communities helped to create programs and make a huge difference to underprivilegedfamilies across the nation. Dr. King found a way to inspire this country to service and social justice in a time of serious social unrest.

The Cycle of the World

It seems as if the country has been put in a cycle that we often laughingly consider with fashion. When a fashion trend goes out of style, the normal feeling is to save the clothes because they will come back in style. While it’s not stylish to have civil unrest, we certainly saw more than our fair share of it during 2020. Regardless of the actions that spurned the discontented responses of others, it’s time for some service and civility in the nation.

A Call to Action and Service

While many might misunderstand the strength and action of Dr. King as being a person that supported the civil disobedience of the 1960s, the fact is, he supported peaceful and lawful protests over violence. The “One Million Person March” on Washington, DC was a peaceful show of support for Dr. King and the call-to-action of service and progress in social relationships between races.

Create a Day of Service to Honor Dr. King

Many areas of the country allow schools to be closed and businesses to be shut down for MLK Day. This is not only in honor of Dr. King, but also to offer millions of Americans the opportunity to have a Day of Service at a local organization that can use their service and support, even if it’s only for a day.

Day of Service Ideas

How will you spend The day on Monday, January 18, 2021? This is Martin Luther King Day and it’s a great day for you to find a way to serve your community and offer your support by giving your time and energy to those in your community that need it. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that could be perfect for you to support your community.

Support a Local Children’s Shelter

There are too many homeless and poor children in the country. These kids need your support and time to understand that the world hasn’t forgotten about them. These shelters may have their normal staff to assist most of the kids, but your time could be spenthelping to organize items for the kids, cleaning the place the kids are staying, and offering your time that can be spent with the kids.

Food Banks Always Need Help

Are there food banks in your area that could use your service this year? Let them know you’re available to collect donations around neighborhoods, to organize the pantries and build the boxes that will be given out, or to process paperwork and help people receive the donations of food they need to be able to survive. Your time and energy can make a huge difference to these locations on MLK Day.

Volunteer at a Retirement Home

Whether you visit a retirement community and make your day of service one in which you spend time with several of the elderly that are residents or you offer to clean areas that need it, your local retirement home can certainly use your service and time. Some of the residents have no family to visit them or friends that are still living, which could makeyour visit one that makes a huge difference to them.

Find a Neighbor in Need

There’s a good chance someone in your neighborhood can’t get out of their house to take care of their yard, might need help cleaning out a garage, or could simply use a ride to the doctor. Make your day of service time you spend with this neighbor making their life better. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can be of the greatest service to others.

Make a Difference on MLK Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called the world to action and service to each other. As a minister, his message was simple and easy to understand. We are called to help those in need and offer our time and service wherever possible. Make your Day of Service one that can make a difference to your neighbors, your community, some children, or the elderly this year. Find a great way to make the most out of your time away from work on MLK Day.

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