Top Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring Styles of 2023

Top Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring Styles of 2023

Finding the perfect wedding band and engagement ring is an important part of getting married. These rings represent the love shared between two people.

Traditionally, the challenge of finding the right rings is left up to the husband-to-be, but many couples are bucking tradition and shopping for rings together. Some will go for classic looks with a three-ring set that matches, while others will look for something custom for the engagement ring and each person’s wedding ring.

Here are a few of the top styles for these rings from 2023.

Step-Cut Diamonds

The move away from traditional shapes and styles signals the individuality of many couples as they move toward their wedding day. Step-cut diamonds on simple rings are extremely popular today. These diamonds are cut in shapes that take the jewel away from traditional round gems and to a place where the stones complement a gorgeous gold band. These new gem shapes add more character to a wonderful tradition.

Rings with other gems

The bride’s engagement ring doesn’t require a diamond to be a great ring any longer. One of the most popular trends is to choose rings with other gems, such as emeralds or sapphires. This gives the ring more color and personality, which could be more in line with the bride’s personality. By using a colored stone for the engagement ring, the couple could choose wedding bands with some attractive colors embedded as well.

The classic oval style is still popular

An engagement ring with a large oval stone with flanking smaller stones is a classic and popular look. This is called an oval cut center stone look, which has been seen on the fingers of many celebrities, including Princess Diana, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian. Many couples might not require this celebrity endorsement to choose this classic and beautiful appearance.

Classic Bloom Setting

Sometimes, the setting is what makes an engagement ring or wedding band set look amazing. The Classic Bloom setting enhances the center stone, pushing it forward to make it look larger and brighter than it might be. This classic style is still extremely popular, and a teardrop-shaped stone is among the most elegant and attractive for the Classic Bloom setting.

Toi et Moi

When searching for a wedding ring that symbolizes the closeness and love of two people, Toi et Moi has become one of the most popular choices. This gorgeous ring style features two gemstones side by side and of the same size to represent the two lovers together. This ring style is a French word that translates to “you and me,” which is exactly what marriage is supposed to be.

Diamonds created in the lab are popular

For some couples, the conditions in which diamonds and gems are mined are as important to them as the rings they were. Some will choose engagement rings and wedding bands that feature lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are created in a lab instead of being mined, where poor working conditions and human cruelty are often found. These lab-created diamonds are gorgeous and shine with the same luster as mined diamonds, making them the preferred choice of many couples.

Bezel Settings

Another setting that’s popular for engagement rings is the bezel setting. Instead of the traditional claw that holds the stone above it, the bezel setting holds the stone in a metal rim. This allows the setting to be bolder, and when yellow or pink gold is used for the ring, it provides more contrast to the typical white of a diamond ring. With bezel settings, several gorgeous ring styles can be created and provide special shapes for the bride to admire for years.

Stack those rings

Stackable wedding ring sets are extremely popular. These sets give you several rings that work together, including an engagement ring and multiple wedding bands. Some of these stackable ring sets are made to set the engagement ring in the center of two complementary rings for the bride. Some sets have as many as four rings for the bride to enjoy, making it easy to wear as many or as few as desired.

Vintage rings are still elegant and popular

In some families, an engagement ring can be passed down from one bride to the next. Sometimes, these rings must skip a generation or two, but passing down vintage rings can mean a lot more to a young bride than a shopped-for ring. These rings can be refurbished, and provide the beauty and elegance desired.

These are just a few of the most popular wedding band and engagement ring styles from 2023. The style isn’t nearly as important as what these rings symbolize for a couple: their life-long commitment to each other.

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