The Bernie Memes Made the Tour

For more than a week we’ve seen, shared, and created Bernie Memes for online viewing and hilarity on several situations.

The memes are of Vermont U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders as he sat on a folding chair in his coat and had his mittens crossed during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. Regardless of which side of the aisle you want to support, you’ve gotten a kick out of the memes that put Bernie wherever we wanted to see him.

You See Him Everywhere Right Now

From various sitcoms, especially those that have been off the air for a long time, to family photos and the oddest of places, the Bernie memes have shown up. The picture of the senator sitting in his folding chair with his mittens crossed trying to stay warm has found its way into our social media streams and into our hearts. The time for the hilarity is likely going to end soon, but not before we get everything we can out of these memes.

Has Bernie Sanders Enjoyed the Memes?

Most people in politics understand they are submitting themselves to public scrutiny when they run for office. More of it arrives when they win and the higher the office, the more they are photographed and picked apart for the words they use. There have been terrible pictures of presidents, first ladies, senators, representatives, and others in public view. Presidents have often become the subject of late-night talk show hosts.

The question may be whether or not the Bernie memes have tickled the funny bone of the subject matter. Sanders appeared on an episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and informed the host he was certainly amused by the attention being given to his image and the hilarity in which it was being used in memes that have made their way around the internet.

Questions Arose About Bernie During the Inauguration

During the inauguration, Bernie Sanders appeared in an outfit that can only be described as a “man ready to run some errands.” He was photographed with a manilla envelope under his arm, another envelope in his hand, and a pair of mittens on his hands. These mittens were certainly the star of the Bernie part of the show.

Where did the Mittens Come from?

Another question that came up, other than why the senator appeared to have simply stopped by the inauguration on his way to the post office, has to do with where the mittens came from. We later found out the mittens were made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, VT who gave the mittens to Bernie over two years ago. Little did Jen know these mittens would become the centerpiece of Bernie memes later on.

A Meme Turned into Fundraising

The Bernie memes and mittens have helped to raise more than $1.8 million already for fundraising efforts for various charities. As you might expect from something that immediately trends and is shared thoroughly around the internet, lots of orders and money were brought in simply based on the mittens and the way the memes were being presented.

An additional fundraising effort was created by the man himself. Bernie Sanders launched a fundraiser with the meme on a sweatshirt and it raised a large amount of money as well. It’s amazing that something as simple as the Bernie memes has been what not only created a seriously positive buzz online but also grew into fundraising that will help several charities.

Great Mittens and Several Ways to See Bernie

Whether you want to contribute to the fundraising efforts or you’re just enjoying the many Bernie memes around the internet, there are several ways to get what you want. You can order a pair of mittens and keep your hands warm after a simple online search. The same can be said for the memes you want to enjoy and share. Several articles have been written about this instant social media hit which is the simple and older senator from Vermont that was only trying to stay warm on a cold day in January.

What Will Be the Next Great Meme?

We’ve seen memes with the “Crying Jordan” the cat that argues with a woman, grumpy cat, and several others over the years. It seems the more ubiquitous and simplistic the subject happens to be, the easier it is for us to enjoy the meme and how it’s used. With so many Bernie memes making their way around the internet, the next great meme will have to be something special to top this one.

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