Week 13: Top NBA Teams According to the Power Rankings

Week 13: Top NBA Teams According to the Power Rankings

Week by week we see some of the best performances on the basketball court by various top NBA teams to give us an idea of the rankings.

The results each week give us a look at how the power rankings show up and how we can potentially project the playoff picture for the league. Let’s see how the teams are listed after thirteen weeks of play.

The Brooklyn Nets Continue to be the Top of the NBA Teams

Two weeks in a row, the Nets are on the top of the list. This team is strong and only got stronger with the addition of Blake Griffin to the mix. It seems the only thing that might slow them down will be injuries, which have already happened to their top player, Kevin Durant. If this team is firing on all cylinders, they are the favorite to come out of the East.

The Philadelphia 76ers Make a Move Upward

Moving from fourth to second, the 76ers are rising in the list of teams in the NBA. They carry a record of 27-12 out of the 13thweek of play and look to continue to be a strong team in the East. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see the 76ers match up with the Nets in the EasternConference Finals, but that’s still a long way off.

Moving Down, the Phoenix Suns are One of the Top NBA Teams

Even though the Suns have dropped from second to third, they still hold a strong 25-12 record and have a potent team that can score a lot of points and beat any team in the league. Where this team struggled in Week 13 was when they got behind it was difficult for them to come back and capture a lead that would put them on top.

Make Room for the Utah Jazz at Fourth

Not long ago, the Utah Jazz sat comfortably in the top spot on the NBA Power Rankings, but now they have moved down to fourth. After two weeks of falling, the Jazz still has a 28-10 record and will be hard to beat going down the stretch. The question remains, with a loaded Western Conference, will the Jazz have enough to get to the finals?

The Los Angeles Lakes Find Themselves in Fifth

One of the top NBA teams is still the Los Angeles Lakes. This team finds themselves moving up from sixth to fifth this week. Hopes for the return of Anthony Davis are high but while he is out, other players are getting some necessary experience before a playoff push. Even with other teams ahead of them on this list, the Lakers look to be a favorite to come out of the West.

The Milwaukee Bucks Move Up as One of the Top NBA Teams

After thirteen weeks, the Bucks carry a 24-14 record and are still a team that could be hard to beat when the playoffs begin. This team seems to be a bit streaky with wins and losses coming in bunches. The hope for the Bucks is that they will find their stride before the playoffs begin and will be one of the higher seeds in the East.

Los Angeles Clippers Come in Seventh

The NBA Power Rankings for Week 13 show the Clippers moving upward from eighth to seventh to show a strong position coming out of the All-Star Break. The Clippers will need to say healthy if they want to give the Suns, Jazz, or Lakers trouble in the playoffs. Currently, this team holds a 25-15 record and looks to be in a strong position.

The Dallas Mavericks Move Up to Eighth

It may be a bit of a surprise, or you might be a fan that expected the Mavericks to be a strong team this year. The Mavericks have moved into the top eight and have a 20-17 record right now. Although this record isn’t stellar in the West, they are a tough team and might be the team that makes a lot of noise when the playoffs begin.

Looking at the Rest of the League

It’s hard to call the rest of the teams any of the top NBA teams, but some will be in the playoffs and might move to higher positions on the list soon. Here is how the rest of the teams currently rank:

9. Denver Nuggets 22-16

10. Boston Celtics 20-18

11. Miami Heat 21-18

12. Portland Trail Blazers 22-16

13. Golden State Warriors 20-19

14. San Antonio Spurs 19-16

15. Charlotte Hornets 19-18

16. Memphis Grizzlies 17-18

17. New York Knicks 20-19

18. Atlanta Hawks 19-20

19. Indiana Pacers 17-20

20. Oklahoma City Thunder 17-22

21. New Orleans Pelicans 17-22

22. Chicago Bulls 17-20

23. Toronto Raptors 17-22

24. Washington Wizards 14-23

25. Sacramento Kings 15-23

26. Detroit Pistons 10-28

27. Cleveland Cavaliers 14-24

28. Orlando Magic 13-26

29. Minnesota Timberwolves 9-30

30. Houston Rockets 11-26

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