Southern Hospitality and Beauty Awaits You When you Vacation in Georgia

Southern Hospitality and Beauty Awaits You When you Vacation in Georgia

Knows as the Peach State, when you take a vacation in Georgia, you’re going to have a sweet time and be treated to an amazing experience.

Not only will you be immersed in southern hospitality and genteel charm, but you’ll also enjoy the beauty of the area. No matter what time of year you go, Georgia has a lot to offer so that you can have a wonderful experience.

Breathtaking Beauty AwaitsCallaway Gardens

Vacation in Georgia and make sure you visit Callaway Gardens. This is one of the most popular places to see the flowers, lakes, a butterfly house, and many plants that are not found in other areas. Robin Lake is popular for water-sport enthusiasts and is where you’ll find the Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament every year. You’ll find yourself enjoying everything about this area and what it has to offer.

Reach Back in History at Ocmulgee National Monument

Admire the simple beauty and formation of this National Monument which is dedicated to the inhabitants of the area in the Macon area. The first people were in the area nearly 12,000 years ago and you’ll see a Ceremonial Lodge and the mounds made of earth that are easy for you to visit and enjoy. Learn about the people of the area and the battles that took place in the surrounding regions during the Civil War.

Hiking in The Chattahoochee National Forest is a Must

Take a vacation in Georgia and enjoy the beauty of this forest when you’re ready to experience a fantastic time. Autumn may be the most colorful time to experience these 750,000 acres of forest that offers you the natural scenery that’s simply stunning. There are many rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and trails for you to enjoy when you want to have a fantastic outdoor experience in Georgia.

Go Camping on Jekyll Island

Once owned by a group of millionaires from the East Coast, Jekyll Island is now a state park where you can enjoy camping, golfing, hiking, and relaxing on the beach. Bring the right gear for whatever adventures you want to enjoy and let this location be the place where you want to spend some time during your vacation in Georgia.

Visit Historic Sites of Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King Jr.

Two amazing historic figures in the past several decades are Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King Jr. You can visit both of these historic sites and enjoy some of the history and stories surrounding these two incredible men from Georgia. You’ll be amazed by what you see and how the path of our nation was shaped by what these men were able to accomplish.

When in Savannah, Visit Forsyth Park

One of the most beautiful places in one of the most amazing cities in the country is Forsyth Park. Your enjoyment of southern charm and hospitality isn’t going to be any better than what you’ll find in Savannah. Go to this park and have a wonderful time during your vacation in Georgia. Check out the fountains, trails, and trees in the area. You’ll love the relaxing atmosphere and environment surrounding this park.

Get Swampy at Okefenokee Swamp

Known by the Native Americans of the area as “The Land of the Quaking Earth” this swamp covers 770 square miles of the southern area of Georgia. This area will present you with beautiful watercourses, swampy grasslands, and cypress trees that give you the look that you’re sure to love. There are over 10,000 alligators that inhabit this swamp, which means it’s a good idea to stay in your boat.

Visit the Atlanta History Museum when you Vacation in Georgia

Not only is this museum one of the most amazing southern buildings you’ll find, but you can also enjoy the Olympic Games Museum, Swan House, Smith Family Farm, and Kenan Research Centre when you head to this museum. You’ll see some beautiful gardens when on a tour of this area. Enjoy the story of Atlanta and what became of it from before the Civil War, to when it was burned down, to now.

The Kids Might Love the Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Your kids will love the science offered at this museum and the exhibits that include massive dinosaur statues and skeletons. Let them interact with the “Sensing Nature” exhibition and enjoy touching and admiring what this museum has to offer. When you vacation in Georgia, this is a stop where you can see and experience the amazing science that has been collected in the area.

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