The NBA Season Power Rankings for Week 19

The NBA Season Power Rankings for Week 19

It seems like we couldn’t possibly have completed 19 weeks of the NBA season already, but we have and there isn’t much time left.

After this amount of time, we are seeing fewer games left on the schedule than many teams would like.  As some teams scramble to get into the playoff picture, other teams are somewhere at or near the top of the power rankings. Let’s take a look.

The Los Angeles Clippers Find Their Way to the Top

The topteam in the power rankings for this week is the Clippers who carry a 43-19 record through the week. Even with Kawhi Leonard out for the past seven games, the Clippers have won 11 of their last 12 matchups giving them a strong performance and earning the top spot on this list. The Clippers should be one of the top teams when the playoffs begin.

The Brooklyn Nets Continue to Get Stronger

Finding their way to the second spot on this list, the Brooklyn Nets have a 41-20 record. Although James Harden suffered a setback this week, Kevin Durant returned from injury and scored 33 points against the Suns. This team is strong and tough heading down the stretch. If they find a way to be healthy when the playoffs begin, they could be the top team in the East.

The Phoenix Suns Remain in Third

Although the Suns have lost two games in a row, they still find their way to remain in the third spot with a 42-18 record so far this season. Expect the Suns to make a lot of noise in the playoffs with the leadership of Chris Paul and a team of young guys who are ready to show their strength in the postseason this year.

The Philadelphia 76ers Drop to Fourth

After sitting in the top spot for a week, the 76ers have fallenin the power rankings. This NBA season has been an up and down journey for this team that was without Ben Simmons for four straight games. The 76ers have a 39-21 record and, if healthy, should be a tough team to beat when the postseason begins. Get ready to see what this team has forthe run through the playoffs.

We See the Utah Jazz in the Fifth Spot

The NBA season is winding down the Utah Jazz are proving they can be one of the hardest teams to beat. This team was in the fifth spot last week as well and currently holdsa 44-16 record. While they don’t seem to have one spectacular star player on the team, the entire team is built to handle adversity and be ready to play games that count in the playoffs.

Another Team Holding Serve is the Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets were in the sixth spot last week and are there again this week. Their record currently sits at 39-21 and they seem to be ready to take the next step forward. Unfortunately, this team has been hit with some injuries lately and might be limping into the end of the NBA season, but we will have to wait and see how healthy they can be when the playoffs begin.

The Milwaukee Bucks Remain at Seven

The fourth quarter has been trouble for the Bucks all season and if they could take the leads they have from the third through the fourth quarter of games, they would be ranked higher. As it is, the Bucks stay in the seventh spot and have a record of 37-23 right now. This team should be strong in the playoffs and may be the team to represent the Eastern Conference.

The Surprise This Week is the New York Knicks

For nearly twenty years, the Knicks have been the laughingstock of the NBA. This NBA season has been a different story and the Knicks have jumped from 12 to 8 in the power rankings this week. They currently hold a 34-27 record and look to have a home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs this year.

The Rest of the Rankings as We Wind Down the NBA Season

9. Memphis Grizzlies 31-28

10. Dallas Mavericks 33-26

11. Atlanta Hawks 34-27

12. Los Angeles Lakers 35-25

13. Boston Celtics 32-29

14. Golden State Warriors 31-30

15. Miami Heat 32-29

16. Portland Trail Blazers 32-28

17. San Antonio Spurs 30-29

18. Washington Wizards 27-33

19. Charlotte Hornets 30-30

20. Indiana Pacers 29-31

21. Toronto Raptors 25-35

22. New Orleans Pelicans 26-34

23. Chicago Bulls 25-35

24. Sacramento Kings 24-36

25. Minnesota Timberwolves 17-44

26. Detroit Pistons 18-43

27. Cleveland Cavaliers 21-39

28. Houston Rockets

29. Orlando Magic 18-42

30. Oklahoma City Thunder 20-40

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