Spring Cleaning Can Mean Making Some Extra Cash

Spring Cleaning Can Mean Making Some Extra Cash

Are you ready to do the spring cleaning of your home? For some reason, this time of year has been celebrated as a time to deep clean.

While you work to bring your home a fresh look and feel and leave the dullness of winter behind you, there’s one activity that might make you some money. Part of your spring cleaning routine could be to clean out your closets and sell some of your old clothes.

Use Clothing Resale Apps to Make Room in Your Closet

Would you like to buy some of the new spring items offered at the store but you know that you don’t have room in your closet? Do you have too many items of clothing and know you won’t wear most of them ever again? Turn some of these old clothes into cash with the resale apps that can make it easy for you to sell your stuff.

Using resale apps for clothing is pretty easy. All you need to do is set up an account, snap a picture, offer a little information, and wait for people to see what you have to offer. Rather than allowing the closet full of clothes to go another year without being worn, you can add this task to your spring cleaning list and turn your old clothes into cash.

Tips for Success Selling Clothes on Resale Apps

The Condition of Your Clothes Matters

When shopping on resale apps for clothes, you never know what items you will find, but what you want to find are items that are in near-perfect condition. The clothes you want to sell on these apps need to be in this condition if you expect to sell the items. If you have clothes you want to sell or get out of your closet that isn’t in this condition, you might be better off giving them away to a donation site that can make use of them.

Offer clothes on these resale apps that are in good condition, have been laundered, and are a fresh as you can make them. If they need to be dry cleaned or ironed before being sold, perform this task, and let your clothes stand out. This is certainly a big part of the spring cleaning task of selling clothes online.

Your Photo Should Highlight the Item Being Sold

There’s nothing wrong with a nice photo of you wearing the item before you sell it, but images of just the item can be all you need as well. The photos used should be crisp, clean, and clear. Use neutral backgrounds to allow the items to stand out and give your potential shoppers a better view of what they might be buying from you.

For smaller items, such as bags or accessory items, place the item next to another to show the size and scale of the item. You want to be as transparent with your shoppers as you can so they will be pleased with the piece of clothing they purchased from you.

Sell Clothing in Season for the Best Results

During spring, most shoppers aren’t looking for a winter coat. Those that are looking for a serious bargain won’t give you the most money for something they know they won’t wear until it gets cold again. This might make your spring cleaning project a little more difficult, but if you have a plan, you could be selling clothes during all four seasons and making money in the process.

If you want the most money for your efforts, you need to sell items that are seasonally appropriate. These items will be viewed as hot products and likely get the most attention from those using the resale app.

Understand the Targeted Audience of the Site

Different resale sites appeal to different audiences. Poshmark is for high-end designer items while Facebook Marketplace appeals to nearly every shopper, especially those looking for a great deal. Know the audience and offer your clothes on the site that matches best with the quality of items you have for sale. This is the best way to get the most attention and move your items more quickly.

Learn How Much You Will Make from Your Items

What are the costs associated with the items you’re selling? Are you expected to include shipping costs in the price or does the resale app charge a fee to use the app as a seller? Do your homework and make sure you understand all of the costs associated before placing your items on any of the sites. You’re trying to complete your spring cleaning and earn a little money at the same time, there is no reason to be hit with a ton of fees.

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