The Final Weeks of the NBA Season Power Rankings

The Final Weeks of the NBA Season Power Rankings

We have completed 20 weeks in the NBA season and we’re winding down to the final weeks where the position in these rankings makes a difference.

The playoffs are right around the corner and the NBA title will be on the line for all the teams that make it to the postseason tournament.

The Phoenix Suns have Jumped to the Top Spot

After twenty weeks, the Suns are at the top of the NBA Power Rankings to give you a team that’s going to be extremely difficult to beat down the stretch. This team carries a 46-18 record into the final weeks of the season to give us a team that will play most of its games at home during the playoffs. Last week, this team showed its strength with three wins against teams at the top of the league in regard to defense.

Moving On Up, We See the Philadelphia 76ers in the Second Position

The 76ers make the jump from fourth to second in the power rankings and they bring a strong record of 43-21 through twenty weeks. This team is hot and getting hotter which may mean trouble for other teams in the Eastern Conference. Will we see the 76ers in the NBA finals? Only the playoffs can tell us this story.

We See the Denver Nuggets in the Third Spot

Another team that moved up over the past week is the Denver Nuggets. Last week, this team was in the sixth spot but now they are in the third position. With a record of 43-21 with only two weeks left, the Nuggets are poised to be a strong team when the playoffs begin. This team is red hot with a 26-6 record in the last 32 games.

The Brooklyn Nets Fall a Couple of Spots

The Nets have faced a ton of injury issues throughout the season and never seem to have their entire team on the floor at the same time. Even so, being in the fourth position in the NBA power rankings going into the final weeks of the season isn’t a bad place to be. The Nets have a record of 43-22 and look ready for the playoffs.

Falling Four Spots We See the Los Angeles Clippers in Fifth

A three-game losing streak doesn’t bode well for any team and it caused the Clippers to fall from the top position to fifth in the NBA Power Rankings. This is where we find a team that could be one of the hardest teams to beat in the Western Conference when the playoffs begin. The Clippers have a 43-22 record after twenty weeks.

The Milwaukee Bucks Move Up to Sixth

The Bucks were in the seventh spot on this list last week and now they have moved up to sixth. With a record of 40-24, the Bucks could be one of the toughest teams for others to beat when it’s time for the playoffs to take place. How deep with this team go this year? This might be the biggest question during these final weeks of the season.

The Utah Jazz Find Themselves in Seventh

Dropping from fifth to seventh on this list, the Jazz could be the team to beat during the last couple of weeks. This team has a 46-18 record, which is the best in the Western Conference but they have some of their star players hurt right now, which pushes their power ranking down on this list. Will those players be ready for the playoffs? The Jazz fans certainly hope so.

The New York Knicks Remain in the Eighth Spot

They might be the most surprising team on this list, but the Knicks are giving the Nets a hard time in New York while trying to build a run that will carry them deep in the playoffs. This team, which was the laughingstock of the league for many years, has a 36-28 record right now and might be a tough team to beat during the final weeks of the season.

The Rest of the NBA Power Rankings

9. Dallas Mavericks 36-28

10. Portland Trail Blazers 36-28

11. Memphis Grizzlies 32-31

12. Miami Heat 35-30

13. Atlanta Hawks 35-30

14. Los Angeles Lakers 36-28

15. Boston Celtics 34-31

16. Golden State Warriors 32-32

17. San Antonio Spurs 31-32

18. Washington Wizards 29-35

19. Charlotte Hornets 31-33

20. New Orleans Pelicans 29-35

21. Toronto Raptors 27-38

22. Indiana Pacers 30-33

23. Chicago Bulls 26-38

24. Minnesota Timberwolves 20-45

25. Sacramento Kings 27-37

26. Detroit Pistons 19-45

27. Houston Rockets 16-49

28. Orlando Magic 20-44

29. Cleveland Cavaliers 21-43

30. Oklahoma City Thunder 21-44

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