Vacation in Boston with Your Kids

Vacation in Boston with Your Kids

If you’ve got a family and that includes young children, you may want to make your vacation in Boston kid-centric.

This means finding fun things do to that will allow your kids to expand their imagination and enjoy the variety of activities offered. The best part about a vacation like this is that you can become a kid again too and enjoy the amazing fun offered that your kids could experience with you.

Head to the Boston Museum of Science

Science is a wonderful thing and this museum offers many hands-on activities and exhibits that can amaze your children. You’ll love walking around the museum together learning about harmonic motion, momentum, and mechanical movement with so many of the exhibits that allow you to participate in the discovery. Watch the looks on the faces of your kids as they discover and learn during your museum tour.

Enjoy the Mugar Omni Theatre

During your tour of the Boston Museum of Science, you can sit down and relax while being presented with an exciting documentary of discovery and learning at this theater. This can be a good break for you during your vacation in Boston and offer your kids a great way to learn. This theatre is next to the planetarium which also has a variety of shows and presentations that you and your kids may enjoy.

The Boston Children’s Museum is Like a Giant Play Place

Everything in the Boston Children’s Museum is made for your kids to play with, explore, and learn from. You can get a great view of the city over the waterway that runs along the museum and you can enjoy a snack at the Hood Milk Bottle which is a great place to take a photo of the family together. This is another great place where you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Take a Break at Martin’s Park and Playground

If you’re looking for a way for your kids to burn off some energy during your vacation in Boston, head to Martin’s Park and Playground. This park is dedicated to the memory of Martin Richard and it is located near the Boston Children’s Museum. Your kids can climb on all the structures and have a lot of fun while you sit by and watch them with a smile on your face.

Enjoy the Wonders of the Deep at the New England Aquarium

Another great place for learning and wonder is the New England Aquarium. This is a great place for kids to see some of the amazing creatures that spend time in the waters that make up most of the planet. You’ll love to see the different habitats, the colorful reefs, and the many varieties of fish that spend time in the tanks.

Enjoy a Swan Boat Ride in the Public Garden Together

When you want to enjoy something that’s unique during your vacation in Boston, a Swan Boat ride will be the way to go. This is a 15-minute peaceful paddleboat cruise along the Boston Garden lagoon and it’s the only boat like this in the world. You’ll love the quiet and calm waters along with the greenery surrounding the area.

Let Your Kids Learn at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

One of the most famous events in American history took place in Boston and is called the Boston Tea Party. This event is reenacted regularly and you can interact with characters in period costumes that can tell you a lot about what happened during that event. Enjoy walking on the ships and throwing a bit of tea in the harbor in your own form of protest.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is a Great Place for Your Kids

Over the history of people on this planet, we have discovered the animals and creatures that were on this planet long before us. Many of these fossils are on display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History where you’re going to see more than 12,000 specimens from around the world. Check out this collection during your vacation in Boston.

Take a Tour of Old Ironsides and Visit the USS Constitution Museum

In the Charlestown area near Boston, you’ll find the location where Old Ironsides is docked. This is the oldest commissioned warship globally, and a free tour of this 200-year-old ship will amaze your kids. Admire the build of this ship and the large cannons that are part of the guns that make this ship one that was feared when it went to battle.

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