You Know You’re Going to Have a Good Time in New Orleans

You Know You’re Going to Have a Good Time in New Orleans

When you visit a city that’s full of life it’s nearly impossible not to find something fun to do, you want to head to New Orleans this year.

You can enjoy the street performers on every corner, experience the livemusic clubs along Bourbon Street, and tour several areas of the city for some fun. Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in this amazing city.

Frenchmen Street is a Great Place to Get Your Introduction

Located near the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, you’ll enjoy the lively four-block stretch that is Frenchmen Street. This is where you’ll find live music, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and art galleries. While not as well known as the other areas, you’ll enjoy this street which is much less crowded, giving you the comfort and space you want to enjoy the entertainment offered.

The French Quarter is a Must-Visit Part of New Orleans

When you want to experience the full heart and soul of this amazing city, you’ll want to head to the French Quarter. This lively neighborhood is a National Historic Landmark and home to some of the most interesting architecture and people in the city. Walk around with a drink in yourhand and enjoy the life that surrounds you.

Walk Around in the Garden District

Less than three miles from the French Quarter is the Garden District. You can take a quick cab ride to this areaand have another amazing place to walk and admire New Orleans. This area is filled with trees, ivy, gardens, and beautiful homes. Admire the architecture as you stroll up and down the streets and tour the gardens of the Garden District when you’re in this city.

Spend Time at the National WWII Museum

If you want to enjoy an area that honors World War II veterans, this is the museum you want to visit and experience. It can take up to half a day to tour the museum and see some of the amazing equipment and people that were part of this time in history that helped to shape the largest war in the history of the world.

Take a Tour of the Swamplands in the Bayou

The Bayou Country that is part of the lower portion of Louisiana and you can tour the swamps and see the wildlife in the area. The waters are a mix of saltwater and freshwater and home to crawfish, shrimp, deer, and alligators. The main attraction in this area near New Orleans is the alligators that you may see coming up near the boat you’re riding in during your tour.

Cemetery Tours are a Must When in New Orleans

This city is home to some of the oldest and most popular cemeteries in the country. In addition to the history of the area, voodoo and black magic are part of the culture of New Orleans. You can take tours of some of the cemeteries and admire the amazing history and culture along with some of the famous names that you find on the headstones.

Tour the Cabildo and Admire What it Offers

In the middle of the city, you’ll find the Cabildo in the French Quarter. This build was built in 1799 when the city was still under Spanish rule. This was the location of the Spanish government seat in the area and served as city hall and the Supreme Court for a while. Today, the Cabildo is a three-floor brand of the Louisiana State Museum, giving you a good look at the history of the area.

Go See the Artwork at Studio Be

Located in the Bywater district of New Orleans, you’re going to see amazing artistic displays when you visit Studio Be. More than 40 artists collaborated tocreate large murals and exhibits that showcase activism, resistance, and black American history. This warehouse art show is more than 35,000 square feet, encompassing four buildings that are up to five stories high.

Enjoy a Steamboat Tour on the Steamboat Natchez

The traditional look and feel of a real steamboat await you in New Orleans on The Steamboat Natchez. This is the only one of its kind in the area and it can take you on a tour of the Mississippi River to give you a tour that feels like you’re being taken back to a time gone by. Enjoy the dinner jazz cruise, harbor jazz cruise, or a Sunday brunch jazz cruise aboard this incredible steamboat.

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