Its Time for Week 16 of the MLB Power Rankings

Its Time for Week 16 of the MLB Power Rankings

The All-Star Break is behind us and the runway to the postseason is clear. Every week we look at the MLB Power Rankings to see the top teams.

Whether your favorite team is near the top, making moves upward, or is in the bottom half of the league and looking at next year, you can see where every team stacks up right here.

Still in First, the San Francisco Giants

For a few weeks, the Giants have been leading the way with the best team in the league. Theyplay in what is the toughest division but have amassed a record of 59-34 after sixteen weeks. Expect the Giants to be one of the teams that makes it to the playoffs to give the rest of the NL a toughtime as they work toward the World Series.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are Nipping on the Heels

Just below the Giants is a divisional rival in the Dodgers. The Dodgers are trying to defend their World Series Championship with a repeat performance. With a record of 58-37, you can see how this team is one of the best in the league this season. The Dodgers moved from third on this list last week to be in the second spot and on their way up.

Third Belongs to the Houston Astros

Houston brings a strong record through the All-Star Break but had a tough record just before this mid-season halt to the season. The Astros dropped one spot in the MLB Power Rankings to be found in the third place this week. Their record stands at 57-38 and it gives thema strong foundation to make a run toward the postseason where they just might be playing for the World Series title.

Holding Serve in Fourth is the Chicago White Sox

Standing tall in the AL Central division we see the White Sox with a 57-37 record. They were in this same position last week and have recently secured one of their top pitchers to make sure they have a strong team for the run toward the end of the season. Expect this team to give others fits in the playoffs.

The San Diego Padresare Fifth on the List

Third among the NL West and fifth in the MLB Power Rankings, we see the Padres holding strong and ready to make a push toward the postseason. Even though the Padres have a 55-41 record, there’s a chance one of the three NL Westteams that have been tough all year will miss the playoffs. The rest of this season should be a lot of fun to review for this team and this division.

Sixth Belongs to the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox had a bit of a slide to bracket the All-Star Break but still find themselves in the sixth position on this list. With a record of 57-38 and a team that has been resilient all year, we see how this team can be one of the toughest for any team to beat. We may see the Red Sox and Astros going head-to-head in the ALCS this year.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in the Seventh Spot

Another team that stays right where it was last week is the Tampa Bay Rays. With a record of 55-39, this team is right on the heels of the Red Sox and ready to make their push toward the top of the AL East. Currently, this team sits atthe top of the AL Wild Card standings, which might put them in prime position for a strong run into the postseason.

We See the Milwaukee Brewers in the Eighth Position

Leading the NL Central with nary a team trying to push past them, we see the Milwaukee Brewers in the eighth spot in the MLB Power Rankings. This team has a 56-39 record and they continue to build in the success they have had all season long. Will the Brewers find a way totake down one of the NL West teams in the playoffs? We will have to wait and see.

The Rest of the Week 16 MLB Power Rankings

9. Oakland Athletics 54-42

10. Toronto Blue Jays 48-43

11. New York Yankees 48-44

12. New York Mets 49-42

13. Cincinnati Reds 48-46

14. Cleveland Indians 47-44

15. Seattle Mariners 50-44

16. Philadelphia Phillies 47-45

17. Los Angeles Angels 46-47

18. St. Louis Cardinals 47-47

19. Atlanta Braves 45-47

20. Chicago Cubs 46-48

21. Washington Nationals 44-49

22. Detroit Tigers 44-51

23. Minnesota Twins 40-54

24. Colorado Rockies 41-53

25. Miami Marlins 40-54

26. Kansas City Royals 37-55

27. Pittsburgh Pirates 36-58

28. Texas Rangers 35-59

29. Baltimore Orioles 31-62

30. Arizona Diamondbacks 28-68

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